10 Best Father's Day Gifts on a Budget

Do you want to give your father (or another special man in your life) an extra-special gift this Father's Day, as well as keeping within a budget? Check out these easy, inexpensive and innovative ideas to surprise your father this year:

  1. Framed Photographs - Frame a photograph of yourself, your family, or loved one. Autograph and date the photo using a gold pen or marker. On a family photo, autograph the surname. A collage of family photographs could be made with a larger frame.
  2. Other Framed Items - Compose a poem. Type or write it onto specialty paper and insert into a matted frame. (A poem does not necessarily have to rhyme to be effective, as long as the lines are of about the same length.) Or compose and frame a one-page writing, something of special meaning that your father would enjoy displaying and reading. Children's art-work also makes a unique framed gift. If you are artistic, try to draw/paint a picture, then frame it.
  3. Books / Magazines - Give a magazine subscription. Search out hobby magazines and perhaps get him involved in a new hobby with a subscription to that magazine. Bundle up several purchased magazines or books as a gift.
  4. Plants - A potted plant is a gift that keeps on giving. Insert a couple of balloons. Offer to plant the gift in your father's garden. A gift bag filled with gardening items (gloves, seed packets, a gardening magazine) could be included.
  5. Gift Certificates - If the man is elderly, give him a day of you - a gift certificate for one day of your time. Or, a certificate for a meal out, accompanied by you if he is single, would be appreciated. Certificates could also be for individual items, such as a cooked meal or perhaps a baked good delivered once a month for a year. Store bought certificates are available in any denomination. Some ideas are movies, coffee shops, fast food, a hair cut or car wash. Or what about some coupons/tickets for public transportation (bus, taxi, or bridge tolls)?
  6. Gift Baskets - Make your own individualized gift baskets. Dollar stores have baskets and items to fill them. Some ideas: stationery basket, toiletry basket, food basket, gardening basket, reading basket, cooking basket. After filling the basket with appropriate items, wrap with clear cellophane, and tie with a ribbon.
  7. Homemade Food - Give home-baked cookies, candy or nuts in decorative, reusable containers. Containers could be small tool boxes.
  8. A night in - Give a gift of several DVDs or music CDs. Add microwavable popcorn packets and a throw pillow; wrap together in a small cozy comforter.
  9. A night out - Give a ticket to a concert, play or local event. Accompany him if he is single; otherwise, give two tickets.
  10. Purchase a day timer or calendar. Make notations of family members' dates. You could also include a box of assorted pre-addressed, stamped cards, if the man is elderly.

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