10 Last Minute Ways to Say I Love You for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, one of the most popular days of the year, is a perfect time to tell someone that you love them. Couples become engaged on Valentine's Day. They marry on Valentine's Day. Lovers exchange cards, chocolates, and often gift baskets, which usually contain special things that say, not only, I love you, but also, I know what you like. Here are 10 special ways to wish someone a Happy Valentine's Day.

  1. Send a Card. Valentine's Day is one of the most popular days of the year to send cards. It is exceeded only by Christmas. A card is more than just an opportunity to sign your name, it is a perfect way to tell someone how you feel. No need to feel intimidated. Everyone loves to receive a Valentine's Day card. Tell Mom, Dad, Sis, Brother, friend, or lover just how much you love and need each other. Cards can have simple or elaborate messages to fit your personality, as well as your loved one. Do not forget to include a short personal message to your recipient.
  2. Write a Letter. Did you know that Valentine's Day is named for St. Valentine, a Christian Martyr of obscure origin who is said to have written letters of love to encourage his friends from prison. In the Middle Ages, in Europe, Valentine's Day was celebrated with parties and gifts, as well as written messages of love. Your message need not be more than a few paragraphs, expressing appreciation, esteem, and love. It's a personal way of saying, You mean the world to me, and it is the most personal means of communication.
  3. Bake a Cake. A simple one layer cake ― perhaps red velvet, or even devil's food for your lover ― is a wonderful way to say You're special. It can be as simple as sprinkling the top of the cake with powdered sugar, using a heart-shaped paper pattern. Or use your artistic ability, by icing the cake and piping a love message on top. If you have, or wish to buy, a heart shaped pan, even better.
  4. Bake a Giant Cookie. Chocolate chip is a crowd pleaser. Everyone loves them. Include chopped nuts, with a message, I'm nuts about you, and shape cookie into the shape of a heart. There's no need to make from scratch. There is refrigerated cookie dough that you need only bring to room temperature, shape, and bake. After shaping the dough, simply refrigerate again, until firm, and pop it into the oven. The extra chilling helps to keep the heart shape as it bakes.
  5. Have a Treasure Hunt. Hide your gift, then fill out note cards that lead the recipient from place to place, always giving another clue. For instance, leave a card, with the recipient's name on the front. When opened, they read, I love you. Go to top dresser drawer. Inside is another card, containing another clue. This game is especially fun for children and the young at heart. The final clue, of course, leads to the gift.
  6. Breakfast in Bed. Nothing says I love you quite like a tray of coffee or tea, and your loved one's favorite breakfast food. Whether it be eggs and toast or cocoa and donuts, a surprise tray of goodies personally served to the one you love is a thrilling gift. No matter the age of the recipient, breakfast in bed is sure to please.
  7. Give Your Honey the Home-Spa Treatment. Every honey loves to be pampered, including that guy or gal of yours. How about a warm bath together completed by a nice back rub. Nix the warm oil and consider baby powder. There is less mess, and it certainly makes one feel pampered like a baby. There are also body-butters, both scented and unscented that go on with a warm touch, without leaving that greasy feel. Make this a private affair, and you will feel like romance is in the air.
  8. Turn Your Bedroom into a Romantic Resort. Fluffy pillows, clean cotton sheets, and soft music is a good start to turning your bedroom into a romantic resort. Try curtains or drapes in soft aquamarine-blue. Decorate your dresser with netting and sea shells. Exotic flowers, either bought from a florist or made from silk, can give your bedroom that tropical resort ambiance. And don't forget the candles.
  9. Pack a Picnic Basket with Your Lover's Favorite Foods. Whisk your lover away to a nice motel, and pack a picnic lunch. Remember Valentine's Day is not the time to think diet. Try cold fried chicken, soft rolls, and real butter. Perhaps salad greens with green goddess dressing, packed in a zippered bag. Right before serving, open bag and add the dressing; close bag and shake. The dressing is distributed, with no mess, and you and your honey are ready to eat. Include a bottle of wine or sparkling cider, along with wine glasses, silverware, and napkins. Then let the night take you away.
  10. Make Your Own Chocolates. Nothing says Valentine's quite like chocolate, but why buy a box of chocolates when you can make your own. Simply melt dipping chocolate, according to package directions, and dip strawberries, cherries, or even peeled and sliced Kiwi fruit, graham cookies, and pretzels. Re-chill and serve each other between sips of your favorite wine.

It doesn't require a fortune to celebrate Valentine's Day, whether you make merry with family and friends or that special someone. Just a little forethought and planning can illustrate just how much you care. So, go ahead, do something extraordinary and show someone how much that they are loved.

author: Jaye Lewis

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