10 Smart Reasons For Renting a Self-Storage Locker

When your belongings overflow your house, sometimes it's just best to get rid of what you don't need. There are times, though, when you don't want to part with certain possessions, but it would be convenient to have them out of the way for a while.

You might be able to store your belongings at the home of a friend or family member, but it can be inconvenient to catch them at home so you can get your things back when you need them. Storage unit facilities offer round-the-clock access, security, and protection for your possessions. And you won't owe your friends or family any favors in return!

Here are ten valid reasons why you may want to consider renting a self-storage locker:

  1. When you are moving, you can store the things that aren't truly necessities until you get settled into your new home. Packing up household goods that you won't need right away gives you time to get your new home arranged into a livable condition without all that extra stuff underfoot. Move the stored items in as you need them or find room for them.
  2. Houses that are on the market while the owners are still living in them will sell faster if they aren't filled with clutter. Get all that junk you have stored in the closets, basement, and attic and garage out of the way so they can see how much space your house offers. Storing excess furnishings out of the way makes your rooms appear larger and the prospective buyer can imagine their own furnishings in the house
  3. Seasonal items can take up valuable space when they aren't being used. You might be surprised how much room you have in the garage when you don't store your snowmobile, snow blower and Christmas decorations there all summer! In the winter, motorcycles, bicycles, summer sporting goods, pool equipment and barbeque grills can be stored safely out of the way until the seasons change.
  4. Decluttering your home can reduce daily stress by giving you more room to live! You may have family heirlooms and other possessions with sentimental value that you seldom use, but can't bear to part with. Old tax records, seasonal decorations that you only need a few weeks a year, and other household goods that aren't necessities but something you would like (or need) to keep anyway can be stored securely in a self-storage locker.
  5. When you are repairing, remodeling, or repainting your home, it's a lot easier if you aren't tripping over stuff or constantly having to move it out of the way. Consider renting a storage unit to hold them until your project is finished.
  6. When an elderly relative passes away suddenly, they often leave a houseful of goods behind. Many of their possessions could be valuable antiques, or have strong sentimental value to family members. Putting those belongings in a self-storage unit keeps them in a secure location, and it will be easier to give the house a thorough cleaning before it goes on the market. The family can decide later how to divide the heirlooms that haven't been willed to specific persons.
  7. As your family grows, you may have outgrown baby clothes, cribs, walkers, strollers, toys and other equipment you want to save for the next child. Storing them in a locker keeps them safe and out of the way until the next child grows into them.
  8. Storage units usually have tight security measures, and a climate-controlled locker is a safe environment for valuable antiques and artwork. Insurance on the contents of your unit can also be purchased from the self-storage facility as an added precaution.
  9. An expanding business may need extra storage space that isn't immediately available. Renting a self-storage unit give you time to find a permanent facility or build your own warehouse. The rent will be tax deductible!
  10. Collectors or hobbyists may find they have run out of available space at home. Renting a small self-storage unit can give you the little extra space you need, and keep your collectibles or hobby supplies handy for when you want them.

Self-storage facilities are everywhere, and it's easy to find one near your home or business. Check the yellow pages for self-storage facilities in your area , or google 'self-storage' to find self-storage company web sites that can point you in the right direction!

author: Jill Davidson

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