5 Things You Should Know About Website Design and Advertising

Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, designing and implementing successful online advertising is a mix of careful planning, content rotation and website analytics. Balance content with advertising space and maximize your company's return on investment (ROI) by following five simple recommendations.

  1. Consult With a Professional

    Avoid costly and common advertising mistakes by consulting with a professional before committing to any advertising strategy. Commit a portion of advertising budget to internet marketing consultation and design. Advertising online has become big business and competition has raised the stakes and increased the risk. Working with a professional in the internet marketing industry ensures you won't burn precious advertising money on the learning curve. Money well spent today in planning will convert to long-term savings.

  2. Rotate Advertising Campaigns

    Whether your internet marketing strategy is to sell advertising space for affiliates, or use company promotional material, frequently rotate website content. Select an advertising system that automatically pulls updated content, or regularly refresh static postings. Ensure the advertising budget includes regular updates of website content and split-testing of campaigns. Add regular, fresh content to your business webpage to improve search engine rankings and keep the advertisements relevant. Providing new articles, blogs and video also keeps customers visiting your website and improves company branding.

  3. Maximize Contextual Advertising with Keyword Content

    Well-designed business websites are optimized for search engines to help potential customers locate relevant products and services. Contextual advertising also benefits from keyword optimized web content. Ensure posted articles, blogs and videos are also relevant to the desired internet marketing campaign. Regularly perform tests to ensure posted material aligns with appropriate advertising content.

  4. Design Breaks in Advertisements

    Consider allowing some pages within the overall website structure which do not have advertisements. Existing customers or clients who regularly access order forms or data portals will appreciate a break from advertising banners. Target the heavier advertising on public pages which receive the most traffic.

  5. Use Targeted Analytics to Measure Return on Investment

    Targeted analytics help measure whether advertisement campaigns are reaching the correct geographic and demographic audience. Free analytic tools exist, but maximizing their use in advertising campaigns requires experience and knowledge. Consider hiring a professional to help with long-term advertising strategies to maximize ROI.

Well-designed internet marketing strategies help any business balance useful content with effective advertisements. Consider the placement, rotation and optimization of website content. Limit or eliminate advertising on certain pages for existing customers. Whether your company has a large or small advertising budget, hire a professional at the key stage of initial web design. Use targeted analytics to ensure the message is reaching the intended user, and regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the overall internet marketing campaign.

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