8 Decorating Ideas for Your Victorian Christmas

Would you like to decorate your holiday home and tree on a theme this year? You can do so with elegance by planning a Victorian Christmas.

Search rummage sales, estate sales, and resale shops for elegant hand mirrors. Usually small silver-plated mirrors can be found in the baby keepsakes section of department stores. These lovely mirrors have rarely suffered much use, and they make either elegant ornaments that reflect the twinkling of holiday lights, or beautiful display pieces that can get even your powder room in on the holiday decorating.

What would a Victorian home be, especially on Christmas, without an abundance of angels? Include many angels in your holiday décor. Do not limit yourself to only an angel tree topper. Tall, elegant angels and tender pink-cheeked cherubs are both at home in Victorian Christmas décor. Besides angel ornaments, angel figurines, stocking hooks, candle holders, and molded candles can also be used to expand on your Victorian Christmas theme.

Roses are a popular motif in Victorian design. Both pastel fabrics with delicate rose prints and actual roses expand beautifully - and fragrantly - on the Victorian theme. Fill a vase with roses, or place a single rose in several separate bud vases. Tuck silk roses into the arms of your Christmas trees' branches. Clutch several roses together and wrap their cut stems with ribbons to create tussie-mussies, and either hang them from the branches of the tree, rest them on the boughs, or lay them gently on tables or mantels for an elegant display.

Victorian-era greeting cards and postcards in sterling silver or otherwise ornate frames will add Victorian elegance to your walls this Christmas.

Porcelain boots and delicate porcelain figures of women's hands are beautiful at Christmas or at any time of the year. Set them on top of a chest of drawers or on a dressing table to hold rings or other jewelry for holiday guests who will be staying overnight.

Children's dolls during the Victorian Age ranged from simple cloth dolls to elaborate porcelain renditions. Either type of doll would make a delightful addition to a holiday home decorated in a Victorian theme, especially a home that includes the laughter of little children.

Blown glass ornaments originated in Germany, but they were certainly popular during Victorian times and continue to be popular today. Purchase a few in Victorian pastels to round out your tree this Christmas.

Kissing balls also pre-date the Victorian Age, but make a sweet substitute to mistletoe for a Victorian Christmas theme. Cover a Styrofoam ball with tiny silk rosebuds, secured to the ball by hot glue. Be sure to also secure a ribbon, either with glue or straight pins, to the top of the ball before adding the last of the roses. Hang the kissing ball in a doorway. You know what to do.

When you adopt a Victorian theme for your holiday home, your teacups simply runneth over with class.

author: Brandy Stoner

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