A Wedding Planner Can Be a Brides Best Friend

Wedding Day Planning

You and your new fiancé have just announced your engagement to your friends and family when suddenly you're bombarded with questions. When's the date? Where will it be? What are your colors? Who will be in your wedding party? How many guests will you have? Everyone is looking to you to make the decisions; it can be overwhelming to say the least.

That's where hiring a wedding planner can really make your life easy and stress free. After all, when is the last time you planned a big event for 300 of your closest family and friends? An experienced wedding planner can help you plan your special day, right down to the tiniest detail, leaving you free to sit back an enjoy your engagement.

Here are some of the key advantages -Your wedding planner will...

  • Have a specific timeline leading up to your special day, helping you to know what should be done and when.
  • Help you establish a realistic budget.
  • Have a list of vendors he/she is accustomed to working with (such as florist, DJ, caterer, etc.), so you can usually get a better price.
  • Advise you when payments and deposits are due to your vendors.
  • Help you select a caterer and plan a menu that will please your guests.
  • Help you choose a wedding cake that is both delicious and budget-friendly.
  • Help you select linens, table service, favors, stationery, and decorations that will coordinate with your theme.
  • Coordinate every detail of your special day, from the walk down the aisle to tossing the bouquet.

While you're searching for that perfect wedding dress, your wedding planner will be confirming your song choices with the DJ and delivering the list of photos you want taken to the photographer. While you're choosing the engraving on your fiancé's wedding band, your wedding planner will be confirming the number of guests with your caterer and making sure there is a special meal planned for your vegetarian cousin. Most importantly, while you're slipping into your wedding gown, your wedding planner will be handling all those last-minute details without you having to worry.

When the time comes to say your vows, you're on your own. But for everything else, you can count on your wedding planner to ensure your special day is nothing less than perfect.

author: Alexandra Harrison

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