All-Inclusive Resorts

Ever plan on a trip where you didn't have to bring your wallet? Does it sound nice? Imagine eating all you want and no bill at the end.

This may be the best way to feel safe and have fun for a resort. However, all-inclusive resorts can be pricey. They will include everything and you won't be shocked when you get there. Don't worry about buying bikes when you want to go on a bike ride. No dinner costs! Free Entertainment! Air fare is covered in the resort. Don't worry about what the bill will be like at check out because you've already paid. No hidden costs!

My sister recently got married and took the all-inclusive resort package on a beautiful island and told me all about it. She got to ride in a gondola on her way to the island and once they were there she hiked a trail to where there was natural springs and cascading waterfalls. They took hundreds of pictures that she showed me. The resort was absolutely breathtaking and the people looked friendly. One night she got to watch a man swallow fire and another saw a man put a sword down his throat. I asked how much each event cost at the resort and she told me it was free because she'd already covered everything when she bought the all-inclusive resort package. They learned to sail and scuba-dive while she was there and had many pictures of the underwater sea life. I asked her if it was expensive to eat there and she told me no it was all covered, but every night at the resort she'd go to the bar. I know many times bar drinks can run rather high but not with this special. I can't wait until my family and I go on one of these. I'm planning to go to a resort for our 10-year anniversary.

If you just got married, this would be a great way to have a honeymoon. Save up your money first and then call around to different resorts. Find out which resorts offer all-inclusive packages and take your pick. There are many resorts that offer this. It just depends on what you want to do when you get there. If you are a family with children and on a very tight budget then this is the perfect plan for you.

Enjoy your time, have fun! Many resorts will offer a guide to walk you to the favored spots and offer to take pictures of the two of you together. What better way to have a lasting memory!

If you want to learn to sail the resort normally has a professional that is ready to teach you and you don't have to rent the sailboat. It's already paid for! At night you can go out during whatever hour and have a snack, even if you forgot your wallet. You don't even need to bring your wallet, except maybe to show proof of age. You can eat until your heart's content and not have to worry about what it will cost. If you have kids, you already know that they can eat and never get full so this is a win-win situation.

It's already paid for when you purchased the all-inclusive resort package. What are you waiting for, get on the phone?

author: Elizabeth Ferree

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