Bachelorette Parties- More Venue Ideas

Female bonding is never as strong as on this night when the girls get together and share a bit of sexual gaiety and female secrets. The bachelorette party is designed to remind the bride of her soon-to-be-given-away independence. No longer will she be free to roam the world in search of male companionship. Her life is about to change, hopefully for the better. However, she is after all only marrying a guy.

It doesn't matter how loving or handsome or thoughtful or sweet or kind or sexy or romantic or sophisticated or cute or considerate or clever he is. He is simply just a guy and this is her last chance to enjoy herself as an independent female. Not that she is going to act on any true relinquishment of her role as a betrothed woman, but simply the chance to laugh over her loss of independence and have some fun, unfettered by the confines of social mores.

The biggest thing about bachelorette parties is to engage the interest of the bride and to provide a night for her that she will always remember fondly. It should not involve anything that she will find distasteful, but rather, it should push the envelope just so far.

If your group is a bit more laid back, you might want to avoid all of the raucous type of fun and go with something a bit more sedate. Something that is different and offers a unique twist without stepping into sexual areas is to engage a psychic for the evening and have everyone's fortune told. The night can still be filled with a variety of games and lots of food and alcohol if so desired. Even a séance can be included for a taste of the other side.

Another type of event to consider is the beautifying experience. A night at the spa provides a different type of bachelorette party from the normal let's take it to the strip club theme. Perhaps, the group can even plan an entire day at the spa. Hours of relaxation and soothing treatments in conjunction with a lot of female bonding and sharing of secrets can be just as fulfilling for some brides.

In fact, this is a perfect opportunity for helpful words of wisdom from the married women in the group. Additionally, this type of party can be followed up by a few hours at a local bar or a few hours of sipping wine at the maid-of-honor's home.

For a civilized and sophisticated night out with the bride during her bachelorette party, consider concerts that include her favorite type of music, an art gallery opening, or a dinner party at an elegant restaurant. For something a bit more lively, plan a trip to the most popular comedy club, a visit down to the casino circuit, a night at a dance club, or an evening spent showing off at the Karaoke joint.

For something old-fashioned, try a slumber party complete with an airing of old-time favorites such as Sixteen Candles , The Breakfast Club or Pretty in Pink. The group can order in a variety of the bride's favorite take out and gorge throughout the night. After all, this might be the last time that the group can get together without any of their significant others.

Whatever the bridesmaids plan for the bride's bachelorette party, it should be something that will either bring a tear to her eye or a laugh to her voice. Take lots of photographs to remember the occasion. Perhaps a memory book that allows each guest to write a few comments might also make the event even more unforgettable.

author: Susan Keenan

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