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Stream in Killarney National Park

Killarney National Park is one of Ireland's prime national parks known for its wide and scenic mountainous views. It is located at the south and west of Killarney town in county Killarney. The highest mountain range in Ireland which is the McGillycuddy's Reeks can be found in this area. At the base of the mountains are the Killarney lakes known all over the world for its beauty. This one-of-a-kind scene would surely entice not only the nature-lovers but any tourist who visits this extraordinary and distinct park. This park (which is Ireland's first National Park) is a uniquely wonderful one.

The Killarney National Park is located at the south-western portion of the Irish state and covers about 25,000 acres or 10, 000 hectares of different land and water forms such as the mountain ranges, parks, gardens, lakes, waterways, etc. The park's varied ecological conditions provided unusual and ancient animal and plant species a nice home to settle in.

Bourn Vincent Memorial Park

At the heart of the Killarney National Park is the Bourn Vincent Memorial Park covering the park's 4,300 hectares. This memorial park was bestowed in 1932 by Senator Arthur Vincent and his parent-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Bourn to the Nation in memory of the senator's wife Maud.

Muckross House and Gardens

The National Park also holds for the visitors the Muckross House and Gardens. It appears as a late 19th century mansion showcasing every important artifact, furniture, and status symbol of that time. This is one of the main tourist attractions maintained and managed by Killarney National Park Authorities and Trustees of Muckross House.

Wildlife and Geology

The Killarney National Park also boasts its diverse and rich ecosystem and wildlife. It contains many of the local and international plant species and trees such as the oakwoods, yew woods, evergreen trees, bryophytes, lichens, shrubs and other rare plant diversities flourishing in Killarney's mild climate. Some ancient animal species are present in the national park like the native red deer which had its presence ever since the last Ice Age.

The Inisfallen Abbey monastery remains were also proof of human settlement around the area dating back from the 7th century and stayed there until the 14th century. Also the Muckross Abbey which is founded about the year 1448 is still erect with a huge Yew tree around the courtyard believed to be as old as Muckross Abbey itself. Another spot is the Muckross House found at the nucleus of the National Park and is owned by the Herbert family. This house accommodates visitors all year round.

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