Benefits to Being a Non-Driver

Everyone has to work and shop. However, you do not have to drive. There are alternatives if you are willing to look for them. Besides, being a non-driver can be better for you and your wallet.

First off, what exactly is a non-driver? It is a person that finds alternative transportation. Look at the price of gas. This benefit should be the most obvious. A typical thirty minute drive to work, five days a week, will run most people € 30 or more a week. If you live in a city, a bus pass is significantly cheaper and forces you to be on time.

Taxis are another alternative. These are not exactly cheap, but they do save you from upkeep, taxes, and insurance on your own vehicle. If the taxi happens to get in an accident, no higher insurance rates for you. For anyone that has ever caused an accident, you know how bad insurance companies stick it to you. One mistake and you are penalized for years.

A lucky few live near enough to their job and shopping centers to simply walk every where. There is the obvious benefit of exercise and the savings from not owning a car. Bicycles are popular for these lucky few as well. You can share the road, but a bicycle is a lot cheaper than an automobile.

Something most people do not think about is that a car creates temptation. A car makes it easier to run to the store quickly and easily. However, if you must take a bus, call a cab, call a friend, or walk, you are more likely to wait until you actually need to go shopping.

Have you ever just wanted to go shopping and ended up buying a lot of things you really didn't need? Take away the temptation to shop at any time and you will end up with fewer items to sell on eBay later on.

The temptation to shop is not the only temptations cars create. How many cabs do you see racing? How many buses are pulled over for drunk driving? Odds are, you cannot think of any. If you do not drive to the bar or to that party, you will not be driving home after too many drinks. Without a car, you cannot exactly race your friends either. Being a non-driver can actually keep you safe.

For some people, being a non-driver is not an option. For other people, this is the best option. You can save money, stay safe, and even get in some exercise at the same time. However, just remember not to rely on your friends and family for a free ride all the time. Consider yourself lucky if you can be a non-driver.

author: Crystal Crowder

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