Car Rental in Ireland

Renting a car in Ireland

If one day you'll find yourself waking up wanting to go around and explore the beauty of Ireland, what is the first thing that you should do? Should you pack right away, choose your fabulous 'tourist clothes' for the trip, or call up your friends and invite them to take the trip with you? Well, that should be the least of your worries, because what you have to deal with first is how you are going to get there. If you are from another country, flying to Ireland is the easy part; how to get around it is the more difficult and should be your main concern.

Now, let's not make this too complicated for everyone else's sake. Yes, you can arrange for tours to be done for you, but it would be more exciting if you would be renting a car. Yup, rent a car! Then drive around Ireland, anywhere you want, paying for the gas. So how do you rent a car in Ireland? Below are some helpful tips in finding the right car rental service for you.

Before you set your foot on Ireland, you can search Car Rental in Ireland through or any other search engine in the Internet. Go through each Car Rental Website until you've read through and compared quotes from at least five companies. If you should prefer a certain type of car, compare the prices offered by the different rental companies. For your own good, though you may not want to do it, you have to read the fine prints. You don't want to miss out on anything essential. After choosing the best quote, you can now make your booking online. All documents that may be necessary should be brought to Ireland to avoid any legal conflict.

To familiarize you with some car rental lingo, let's start with the CDW (Collision Damage Waver). This is the insurance that you pay so that in cases of car thefts and accidents, the insurance would be paying for the majority of the car cost. If you want to save money, you don't have to avail of this. VAT or Value Added Tax is a 13.5% nonrefundable tax. Airport surcharge is the term used when renting cars from the airport. Road tax costs about € and is applicable only to rented cars. Extra Fee for Northern Ireland Travel costs about €25 - €30, depending on the car company that you choose. Lastly, Petrol charges differ from one company to another, as they have different rules regarding the payment for and consumption of petrol.

Now that you are equipped with these tips, make sure that you remember all these so that when you get to Ireland, you wouldn't have any more problems regarding car rental on your vacation. Have a good trip!

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