Casper the Friendly Writer – How to Break Into Ghostwriting

How nice would it be to write freely while someone else pours the ideas and concepts into your mind? You get paid great money and you may even get published. So what is the catch? Your book has someone else's name on it. Welcome to the world of ghostwriting.

What is it? I know some of you might have been impressed that some of your favorite Hollywood stars can write, but the truth is most of them are ghostwritten. Ghostwriting is the act of writing something for someone else and that person claims all credit for it. Ghostwriting can come in the form of fiction, nonfiction, autobiographies, letters, speeches, and so on.

What It Takes? Ghostwriting can be just as challenging as if you were writing your own novel. To be a successful ghostwriter, one needs to be very strong in their writing, grammar, creativity, communications, and interviewing. It is crucial to have the ability to get all the information from your client and then make them look good on paper. You must also have the ability to become your client while writing this book. While good writing and interviewing may get you the job, trust and confidentiality are what will cement you in your first job and many more to come.

How to Start? Although you may be anxious to dive into a career of ghostwriting, I suggest starting small. Try to build up your writing career through non paid or low paid writing jobs such as writing articles or short stories. With a few of those published and under your belt, you might want to move up to ghostwriting speeches and letters compared to books. You might even be able to find a ghostwriter to take you under their wing. When you have an impressive resume, you may want to approach local businesses or friends who have stated they would love to write a book or story but do not have the talent. There are also many listings on writing job sites over the internet. You may also want to start a website or put out an ad advertising your expertise.

What to Charge? This is your business and you are the boss. You can basically charge whatever you desire. However, to get and keep customers you should charge how much you would like to get paid for an eight hour day. If you are a newer ghostwriter, you may want to offer your services cheaper to attract customers. Then if you become in demand, you can charge a higher fee. A lot of times, though, your client will have a budget.

How to Add the Job to Your Resume? Once a job is done, you may be wondering how you are to add the client to your resume if you are sworn to secrecy. Most clients will allow you to add them as a consultant. Many times you just state that you were a ghostwriter for the type of book or writing you did without adding the title or client's name. If your client is willing, ask them to write up an anonymous, small paragraph that can serve as testimonial that you can show future potential clients. Remember once you complete a ghostwriting job and have a happy client, give them your business card and tell them that you would appreciate any more business they have and to pass on the word.

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