Christmas Tree Themes

The Christmas tree got its start in ancient Germany. The winters at the top of the world are brutal. The people of the past had no heat, no thermal blankets or packaged hot cocoa. What they had, though, was the Yuletide festival, a feast that took place in the thick of winter. They would cut down an evergreen pine, light it on fire and as long as the log burned, they would party.

The evergreen tree was a symbol of hope to the people of northern people because it stayed green through the winter. It served as a reminder that the harsh and bitter cold could not conquer everything.

Today, the Christmas tree's status as a 'hope symbol' is even stronger, because it is part of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It is also a source of hope for the gift giver and receiver.

Interior design trends have turned the Christmas tree into a decorative element alone. They advocate expensive trimmings, plain white lights only and never letting children decorate a tree because they haven't been to design school. In the real world, the tree means more to us than that. Kids love decorating for Christmas and it is cruel to leave them out of it. Then again, you do want your tree to look good. Nobody wants to end up like Charlie Brown.

It is easy to create a Christmas tree theme; it is a matter of finding the right bulbs and baubles. To create a one of a kind look, the family can make decorations that fit the theme.

Sports Theme

Whether we're talking college basketball or the NFL, every sports team sells Christmas ornaments of its own. Since Christmas lights come in so many different colors, you can pick the two colors that represent your team. This is where the internet comes in handy. Print your team emblem nice and large on a stiff piece of paper. Print several copies, so you can have a set. Cut them out, add a string and a hook, then, hang it up.

The internet also comes in handy when searching for those team bulbs. Check eBay, Amazon and the team website for the right ornaments. Special decorations like these become family heirlooms and if they represent the team your family loves, it is that much more special.

Designer Theme

Bloomingdales, Victoria Secret and Ralph Lauren have all created their own ornaments. For designers that don't have a bulb, you can use a cutout from a shopping bag or some of their wrapping to create a unique ornament. It would be fun to top a designer themed tree with a doll dressed in Prada (or something close to it). A designer themed Christmas tree makes great Christmas party conversation and the décor goes with all the lovely packages underneath.

Cartoon Theme

Cartoon characters also have their own ornaments. This tree works for kids, especially since the bright colors will not clash with all the crafts they bring home from school. If you have little girls, there is nothing prettier than a Disney Princess tree. It will be easy to do, since Disney princesses are everywhere. If you have boys and girls, you can compromise with a cartoon they all enjoy.

You can find special ornaments online. However, not everything on a themed tree has to be a special bulb. If you only have two heirloom ornaments, you can still establish the theme by getting ornaments that match. If you have a Disney Princess tree, match it with pink and gold ornaments. If you're a Redskins fan, do burgundy and gold. A Christmas tree theme doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Buy most of the trimmings from the 99-cent store and save the rest of your money for presents.

author: Stephanie Moore

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