Crafts for the Children on St. Patrick's Day- "Search for Leprechauns" Game

St. Patrick's Day is a day when the Irish and the not so Irish, young and old alike, show a fondness for all things green, shamrocks, leprechauns, and pot of gold. From boiled potatoes, corned beef, and cabbage to green beer to fanciful parades to Irish jigs, the fun and enjoyment of the day begins in the early morning until the wee hours of the morning.

Suddenly, anyone and everyone is an honorary member of the Irish race, donning green clothes and pins that state, Kiss me. I'm Irish. The adults have their green donuts, green beer, and potatoes, corned beef, and cabbage to look forward to, hopefully in the company of friends and family. The children on the other hand look forward to fun activities and small parties.

Although not every school allows St. Patrick's Day parties, some do. Plus, many people have a small gathering of their own on this day, children included. The following activities can be used to entertain the children throughout the events.

The 'Search for Leprechauns' game is primarily for young children, even though no age restrictions exist. Simply, gather the following supplies: green poster board, green cellophane, scissors, pencils, medium-sized shamrock cookie cutter, large-sized shamrock cookie cutter, markers, and glue. Select an empty table for a work place, secure an adult or older child to assist, and gather the children. The first step is to have the children help to make special magnifying glasses.

Using the large-sized shamrock cookie cutter, trace two shamrocks out of the poster board for each child. Elongate the stem of the shamrock about two inches. Next, place the medium-sized shamrock cookie cutter inside the cut out and trace it. Cut the center section of each shamrock out and discard it. Have each child print their first name on the elongated section of one of the poster board cut outs.

Using the large-sized shamrock cookie cutter, trace one shamrock out of the cellophane for each child. Don't elongate the stem. Place the cellophane shamrock in between the two poster board shamrocks and glue them together. Have each child assist with the project throughout. Once the magnifying glasses have dried, the children can begin their quest for Leprechauns.

Prior to the actual arrival of the children, hide cellophane wrapped Leprechaun sugar cookies, lollipops, or small pots of candy around the room for the children to find with their magnifying glasses. Additionally, you can decorate with small rainbow cutouts that point to the location of their hidden treats.

author: Susan Keenan

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