Creating a Butterfly Wedding

When the magical time comes, and you are walking down the aisle with your partner for life, will you have your guests throw rice? Maybe your guests will blow bubbles or perhaps throw rose petals? Maybe you have even thought of having doves released to increase the magical feeling of the moment.

Planning a wedding is both difficult and stressful for the bride and sometimes even for the groom, too. You both want everything to be perfect to celebrate the most important day of your lives. If you are worrying over just what should be released or thrown at that magical moment, or even if you aren't, you should consider butterflies.

At the perfect moment of the ceremony (like during your first kiss), imagine dozens of bright, beautiful butterflies being released into the air. These living bits of confetti will swirl and soar about you and your guests, creating an air of enchantment.

Butterflies can be purchased for release from a butterfly farm either nearby or from far away. It is important to buy butterflies that can survive locally so that they will not die after you release them. Also check to see if you need a permit to release them in your area. Monarch butterflies and painted lady butterflies are the most common species to be released at weddings due to the bright colors and wide range of habitats.

The butterflies are crated in portable habitats and shipped to you overnight so that they arrive on your wedding morning. Every care is taken so that they will remain safe, and when the time comes, just expose them to light and they will lift off and fly away.

If you want your wedding to be remembered forever as a wedding full of beauty and magic, then butterflies are a good place to start. Locate the farm you need online, and prepare to be amazed by these natural beauties. Your wedding will be perfect.

author: Dionne Obeso

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