Creative Christmas Gifts for Dads

Break away from the usual trend of buying tools, hats and socks for dad this year! With a little creativity and time you can create some very special gifts for dad that he's sure to love and treasure for years to come. Dads don't have to be hard to buy for anymore with this simple gift giving guide filled with hints, tips and ideas to get you off to a great start on your holiday gift list, starting with your dad!

  1. For the dad who likes to go fishing, buy him a new tackle box and fill it with some fishing essentials like fishing line, plastic bait, weights and you can even include a new hat with a catchy phrase written across it. This is sure to be a pleasing gift to any dad who loves to fish.
  2. For the dad who likes sports, give him tickets to one of his favorite teams when they are going to be playing near your home so he doesn't have to travel too far and to keep the expense for yourself down. You can also create a small goodie-filled basket for the sports dad by filling a party bowl with different salsas, a bag of tortilla chips, an article of clothing with his favorite sports team's logo across it any anything else you can think up that would be useful during a game. You could even fill a small cooler with goodies instead of a party bowl for the dad that goes to games often.
  3. For the dad who likes sci-fi and fantasy create a basket filled with goodies like a DVD box set of his favorite sci-fi or fantasy shows he might have missed on T.V. Then add in some gourmet popcorn or chocolate covered pretzels, a new extra large coffee mug and a few sampler packs of different flavored coffee. If your dad is a collector of sci-fi and fantasy memorabilia, add in a collectable figure or framed image from his favorite show or movie. You can even give movie tickets to an upcoming movie you know he's dying to be the first to see.
  4. For the dad who likes to read buy a small book caddie (these can be found at almost any craft or department store in your area) and fill it with two new hard back books he's been meaning to pick up but hasn't had the time to do so. Along with the books, add in a small book light, which can be found at any book store or large department store for his late night reading, a personalized bookmark which can also be purchased at any large, chain bookstore in your area, and fill a decorated jar with his favorite candies to keep at his side to snack on while he reads!
  5. For the dad who loves to go camping create a camp kit for him. At most local army surplus stores you can find what you need for this gift. Buy a bag or basket to place your dad's goodies in. Then collect together some essential items like a canteen or thermos, a camping kit of metal dishes and cutlery, boxes of wooden matches, a small tarp and anything else you think he could use during his camping trips. Fill the bag or basket with these small camping items and your gift is ready to be enjoyed!
  6. For the dad who collects anything like coins, stamps, etc. fill a small festive container with a few items for his collection and materials he might need for showcasing these newly acquired items to his collection such as small, felt lined coin cases, a scrapbook for stamps or a book full of stamps he could collect. The sky is the limit with this kind of gift depending on what your dad likes to collect. Just be creative and he is sure to be pleased when he opens his present on Christmas morning!

When doing your holiday shopping for your dad, consider what he's really into and what he really enjoys doing. Most dads love to receive new tools, but they also love gifts that they can use for pure enjoyment. With a small amount of time, shopping around and a dash of creativity, you can create a gift your dad is sure to love, no matter what he's into!

author: Thomas Punch

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