Customizing a Golf Cart

Most golf carts have very basic features when they are first purchased. In order to maximize style, performance, and comfort, a few customizing techniques should come into play. Fortunately, quite a few different things can be used to upgrade your ride including engine modifications, lift kits, chrome wheels, and customized décor.

Customized Chrome Wheels to Personalize Your Golf Cart

One great way to give your golf cart a little bit extra in the way of looks is to purchase chrome wheels and chrome side panels. Chrome wheels are available in a variety of types including hand polished, machine dipped, and hand dipped.

Side panels are available in a wide array of styles, many of which have detailed engraving that give them a distinctive look on top of the classiness of the chrome. Of course, you can always just purchase either the chrome wheels or the chrome side panels, but obtaining both really makes a bold statement.

Customized Decor Items to Personalize Your Golf Cart

Trying to create a deluxe golf cart is easy as long as you customize the regular or basic components. Simply pick a theme such as a chrome look, a dark varnished wood look, a color of paint, or a light wood look.

The seats can be reupholstered with a nicer leather finish in a color that you find more appealing. Plus, you can get custom upholstery to match a new paint job.

The steering wheel can also be replaced with a newer version that matches your upholstery or paint color.

Plus, you can replace expensive components such as the bumpers and rims of your wheels for a total overhaul in appearance.

Trick paint and decal work can be added to your golf cart for a special look that few others have. Add stripes on the hood in a contrasting color for a bit of pizzazz. Some of the colors that are available in trick paint today are out of this world.

You can install tube lights underneath the golf cart for a terrific night effect.

You can install an air horn under the hood for a loud blast that clearly states, here I am.

Although a complete change might be a bit expensive, the transformation will certainly create an entirely unique golf cart that everyone you know will recognize as belonging to you.

Customized Engine Modifications to Personalize Your Golf Cart

If you desire a more powerful golf cart that can climb moderate hills or simply has more power to it, replace the stock engine with a more powerful model. The stock model engines are okay, but they just don't have much horse power to them.

Additionally, you can have a stiffer spring set in the primary clutch to allow it to rev higher before it engages so that your engine can develop more power. It's a good idea to have an improved second clutch installed as well.

If you put one is such as a performance driven clutch, you will get more power. The new clutch lets the transmission shift differently so that it maintains a lower gear for a longer time. This allows the RPMs of the engine increase, leading to the increase in power. If you want to keep the ability to maintain RPMs at low speed, install a shorter drive belt.

Whether you are looking to personalize your golf cart or improve its performance to make your golfing trip easier, golf carts are very agreeable to change. Plus, you don't have to make all of your changes at one time. Begin with the features that are the most important to you and work your way up from there.

author: Susan M. Keenan

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