Cut Wedding Costs Without Notice

If your wedding dreams are bigger than your wedding budget, know that you are one among many. The condition of the economy has many couples streamlining the amount they spend to tie the knot. That does not mean that your guests need to realize it. Here are two examples of ways to trim the bill without anyone noticing.

Reduce the Price of Your Cake Elegantly

You are probably aware that one of primary focal points of your wedding will be the cake. Having a cake with elaborate designs can be very pricey. But you may feel that you have no option because it is after all a defining accessory. While that may be true, after the cake is cut and consumed, some couples wonder if the expense was truly worth it. Do guests really appreciate the full detail?

To avoid having that debate and buyer's remorse without sacrificing elegance, concentrate on stunning wedding cake toppers. If you make a wise selection, the top of your cake will become the focal point allowing you to purchase a less expensive cake. You can spruce it up with fresh flower petals for an elegant touch. Then you will have a wonderful keepsake and a smaller bill.

Give the Best Wedding Favors While Saving

You will likely want your guests to have a keepsake, too. Wedding favors are those memorable tokens that your guests will take away and display in honor of your day, so it is important that you give them an item that's worthy. The options are vast, from seed packets to chocolate CDs, and you want to choose something that represents you and is suitable for your guests.

To prevent costs from limiting you from giving the best, review your seating chart and purchase less expensive wedding favors for children. If you haven't noticed, your younger guests are likely to be much less nostalgic than the adults they accompany. You'll likely find that your younger guests also tend to immediately consume or forget their wedding favors. So, for them, small, sweet tokens with personalized candy wrappers usually work well.

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