Cute Crafts for Halloween Decorating

Holiday decorating is so much fun especially when you make some of the decorations yourself. Add the following items to your own creative ideas!

Break out the Candy

What would Halloween be without candy? Since it's one of the staples of this occasion and you know you'll be buying some anyway, why not use it to help you decorate? It's as easy as filling bowls with brightly wrapped treats. You can also decorate bowls or pick up some that are already embellished with festive touches just right for the occasion.

One cute idea is picking up large, orange or purple plastic bowls and creating a 'border' around the rims by gluing on plastic spiders. Then, just pour in the candy.

Do you decorate the bathroom and kitchen for Halloween? Why not when it's this easy...

Washcloth Ghosts

Place a small Styrofoam ball in the center of a new white washcloth. Pull the cloth down over the ball and tie tightly with string, leaving excess string to hang up the ghost. Add a face with permanent marker or glue on some buttons. Instant decorations!

Washcloth Pumpkins

Place larger balls in the center of orange washcloths. Gather up the ends of the cloth and tie tightly with ribbon at the top of the ball. Trim away most of the excess but leave enough to make a pumpkin stem. Add a face with materials of your choosing.

Have you ever thought of using other types of holiday decorations to make Halloween decor? Well, you can, and it's simple and fun.

Halloween Ornaments

Round, red Christmas ornaments can easily be made into hanging pumpkins. Dab on some orange paint with a sponge to get a textured look (you might need to scuff with sandpaper first, if using glossy ornaments). Allow the orange paint to dry and make jack-o-lantern faces using paint, gluing on beads, or adding stickers or decals.

Other ornaments can be covered with tissue paper, left loose at the bottom, to look like ghosts. Cut a small hole in the top of the tissue paper so the ornament hook can pass through. Hang them from curtain rods, mug hooks, live plants, or use them anywhere you desire.

author: Sherry Holetzky

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