Easy St. Patrick's Day Ribbon Crafts for Kids

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, and it is a great excuse for creating crafts with your kids. Ribbon is inexpensive and easy to work with, and this article will supply you with ideas and instructions on creating St. Patrick's Day ribbon crafts with your kids.

Rainbow Keychain

The rainbow is a classic symbol of St. Patrick's Day, and this ribbon craft will show you how to create an awesome rainbow keychain for kids using ribbon. For this kids craft you will need ribbon in several colors from the rainbow, a piece of cardboard, glue, tin foil, scissors, and markers.

Start this craft by cutting two circle shapes of the same size out of the cardboard with kids; also cut a small rectangle that is slightly bigger than the diameter of the circle. Glue this to the middle of the circle, and allow it to dry. Have kids color the bottom of the circle and the rectangle black like a pot of gold.

Next help kids rip up tiny pieces of foil and roll them into a ball. Glue all of the pieces of foil to the top of the circle like coins, and allow it to dry. While the pot of gold is drying help kids cut the various ribbons into long strips. Make sure to cut an extra piece of ribbon and tie it into a loop. Glue the loop to the top and back of the pot of gold, and glue the other ribbons to the back and bottom of the pot of gold like a rainbow.

To finish this St. Patrick's Day ribbon craft with your kids simply glue the remaining circle to the back of the pot of gold to sandwich all the ribbons in place, and allow it to dry again. This easy St. Patrick's Day ribbon craft is a lot of fun for kids, and they will be proud of their craftsmanship.


You can make an adorable shamrock using ribbon, and this shamrock craft can be used in various ways for St. Patrick's Day. For this craft you will need green ribbon, green cardstock or heavy paper, scissors, and glue. Start this craft by cutting a shamrock shape out of the paper.

Next help kids cover the entire shamrock in glue; this craft can get a little messy, but it is a lot of fun. Now place the ribbon along the outside edge of the bottom of the shamrock, and help kids use the ribbon to trace the shamrock's shape. Continue with this until you have made it completely around the shamrock. Then have kids continue following along the inside of the first ribbon line until the entire shamrock is covered in ribbon. Allow the St. Patrick's Day ribbon craft to dry overnight.

Kids can add this shamrock craft to cards for a detailed gift; they can glue a magnet to the back of it for a St. Patrick's fridge decoration, and they can even attach it to a key chain if they like.

Using ribbon to create fun St. Patrick's Day crafts is easy and inexpensive. These craft projects will allow your kids to have fun while being creative, and it will teach them a little about St. Patrick's Day.

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