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Eco-tourism adventure travel in the Caribbean is an experience that will either open your eyes up to the world, or remind you how good it feels to be alive! It is one thing to see things on television, but to experience eco-tourism adventure travel in the Caribbean up close is exhilarating! Most of us are surrounded by walls all day. When we leave our walls we see bricks, pavement, cement, and stoplights. In the Caribbean everything is unobstructed, the air is clean, the water is clear, and nature and adventure tempt you at every turn. In terms of eco-tourism and adventure travel, the Caribbean has it all!

Eco-tourism and adventure travel in the Caribbean come in different degrees. For the mildly adventurous, you can adopt a satellite tracked turtle via the Caribbean Conservation Corporation and monitor your turtle’s movements through a website. Turn up your eco-tourism adventure travel in the Caribbean by staying in an eco-lodge located in Dominica within the mountainous rainforests of beautiful untouched land and sparkling waterfalls. Eco-tourism and adventure travel is promoted through a group of People to People volunteers in the Bahamas who invite Caribbean travelers into their home and teach them about the culture and ecosystem of the Bahamas.

Some amazing eco-tourism adventure travel on Caribbean Islands includes learning about history and visiting ancient ruins. There are few places in the world that allow the public to walk freely amongst ruins and touch ancient ritual altars. Eco-tourism adventure travel in the Caribbean also includes biking through rainforests (amongst panthers, parrots, and monkeys), tubing through cave rivers, hiking the coastline of beautiful untouched Grenada (just smell the pure and clean air), and scuba diving in Puerto Rico.

Other eco-tourism adventure travel Caribbean Island opportunities include escaping into the mountains in Puerto Rico and visiting small hill towns that have been unaltered for ages, or ATV through banana plantations in St. Lucia. Guided tours are an excellent eco-tourism adventure travel Caribbean source. In Belize take a small boat down the River Belize and pass exotic birds, crocodiles, monkeys, bats, sea cows, and learn about the ancient Mayan traditions. More eco-tourism adventure travel Caribbean activities include horseback riding through the countryside or rain forests, whale or turtle watching, deep sea fishing, or parasailing.

author: Christina Bultinck

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