Establishing a Home Based Passive Income Through Your Writing

You're probably wondering, what is a passive income? Well, as the words suggest, it's an income that you can earn without actively trying to do so. It's earnings that come to you without you having to undertake any active work. There are a great many sites on the web offering information on how to create your own passive income but few offering real home-based money making opportunities or solutions.

One concrete way to establish an online, home-based, passive income is to use your writing skills. There is a huge market for written web content, sometimes referred to as web copy. Writing content, or copywriting, can be a lucrative business if you are talented and are able to grasp a wide range of subjects quickly and easily. It does, however, require quite significant continual effort to gain new clients, meet deadlines and ensure your customers are getting what they want. So how can it offer a passive income? By approaching this type of writing from a different perspective, you can create a passive income. The income will not be as high or as lucrative as it would be for an active income but for little or no long term effort, you have to expect a trade-off somewhere.

Instead of seeking out customers and writing what they specifically want, you can research topics that you know to be popular internet subjects. This allows you to write articles to your own schedule and target dates and ensure that your written work is of a high quality. These articles can be posted to a site that will sell and manage the content on your behalf and create usage licences for webmasters who wish to use your article on their website. As long as this article is being picked up and used by webmasters, you will receive a payment each time the article is sold for use. A quick search on the web for content sites will give you a list of the leading players. Expand this idea to as many articles as you can comfortably write without compromising your quality and you can easily see where it becomes possible to earn an income without having to do any work to maintain the written articles in the long term. You should bear in mind that it's still not the easiest thing to pull off. Your articles will need to be high quality, targeted on the subject matter and you will need to write a great many articles to generate significant earnings as many of them will not sell quickly and some may never sell at all. This is a continual risk when you write without a specific commission.

An alternative method is to use the articles that you write to start your own website or blog. If you can write strongly on a subject that is popular, you can create a niche website offering information or discussion on a specific subject. Once your site has traffic, which will take time and hard work, you can monetise it to earn from advertisements or even affiliate sales based on your subject matter. If your content or information is of sufficient quality and quantity, you can scale back the amount of input and maintenance the site requires and allow the monetisation to provide a modest passive income. The amount you can earn is entirely dependent upon the amount of work you put into the site up front, the quality of your articles and content and the popularity of the subject matter. It's important that you strike a balance between a subject you are knowledgeable about, and can therefore write well on, and a subject which receives high internet search engine traffic. Without visitors, you will never achieve much in the way of income, even from a well monetised site.

Taking the idea of having your own website further, you could use it to sell an ebook online. If you can write on a subject to a sufficient depth of knowledge that will make your ebook informative and of value to readers, you can sell it. Think of the subjects you know well and whether there are hints and tips that took you a long time to figure out. If there are some, there is a good chance that the information is also valuable to others and they may be willing to pay a modest amount to get the advice. You don't even need to have your own website to sell ebooks either. There is a growing number of sites that will host and serve your ebook to buyers on your behalf, allowing you a worry-free sales capability.

You should always remember that a passive income will generally require lots of up-front work before you can sit back and watch any earnings arrive. With the proper approach, it can be achieved, especially as a home-based opportunity. With the popularity of work from home solutions and the ever-growing clamour to 'be your own boss' more and more people will be turning to these types of opportunity. To mark yourself out as different and the one that people should listen to or buy from, your written work will need to be of the highest quality and your commitment to making it a success in the early stages, unquestionable.

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