Fascinating Saint Patrick's Day Facts

Everyone turns a wee bit Irish around Saint Patrick's day but do we really know why? Probably because it's fun to wear shamrocks and drink green beer. Here are several fascinating Saint Patrick's facts and traditions:

  • Corned beef and cabbage is not a traditional Irish dish. It is of American origin-- in Ireland cabbage is served with ham or bacon.
  • Saint Patrick probably did not drive any serpents out of Ireland. There is absolutely no evidence that snakes ever inhabited the Emerald Isle.
  • There are at least nine American cities called Dublin, the largest one being in California.
  • Until she died in 2002 the Queen Mother of England presented the Irish Guard with bowls brimming with shamrocks.
  • The shamrock is not really a plant on its own-- it is a variation of clover.
  • Leprechauns aren't cure little sprites at all-- they are sneaky, vindictive creatures that will stop at nothing to protect their pots of gold.
  • Irish whiskey made from potatoes is called Poteen.
  • Erin go bragh means 'Ireland Forever'
  • Irish Coffee is coffee with whiskey and whipped cream in it.
  • In Ireland the wren is called the 'king of birds'.
  • Until 1997 it was illegal to divorce in Ireland.
  • Connemara marble is the national stone of Ireland and it's green.
  • The first Saint Patrick's day parade in the USA was held during the Revolutionary war when the Irish army marched up Broadway in New York City.

There are few things more fun than being a little bit Irish on Saint Patrick's day. And now you know a but more about the holiday and Ireland itself. No blarney!

author: Kaanii Powell-Cleaver

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