Father’s Day Gift Ideas for New Fathers

Shopping for a new father can be fun and exciting. After all, the choices are endless since this is a first time dad who hasn't received a plethora of gifts labeled 'dad' or 'father' yet. While the choices are endless, you'll want to get the new father something that he can use or appreciate.


An entire entourage of t-shirts with cute and whimsical sayings exists for the new father. What better way to honor the new father than with a tee shirt that he can wear to casual events or just around the house proclaiming his new state of fatherhood? If you and the new dad have a sense of humor, plenty of sayings have been composed for the new dad that tend to be hilarious or amusing as well. These shirts can often be found in stores in the weeks prior to father's day or they can be located online throughout the year.

Practical Gifts

While the most practical gift might be a prepaid babysitter for a night or two, there are quite a few other things that you can purchase the new father in honor of father's day. Notepads and to-do lists are sure to come in handy for jotting down things to remember. Even if this new father never had any trouble remembering anything on his to-do list prior to the baby, he is bound to have trouble remembering everything after a few sleepless nights.

Jogging strollers are an excellent choice for the new father who is athletically minded and enjoys his weekly exercise. The gift of a jogging stroller would allow the new father to continue getting in some physical fitness while bonding with the new baby.

Diaper bags in masculine colors are sometimes more acceptable for the new fathers who are uncomfortable toting around a pastel or floral one. It's not a case of wanting to hide their fatherhood or pride in being a father, it's simply their sense of maleness is just as strong as ever.

If new father is simply the active type and is more likely to be on the go with his new baby, consider getting him a vest with diaper pouches in the back. These have plenty of room for other baby essentials as well.

Men's shorts have been designed with extra deep pockets that allow dad to place a baby bottle in them so that he can use both hands to transport the baby. Plus, even when it isn't feeding time, dad can stuff quite a few rattles, pacifiers, or burp cloths in these extra large pockets.

Books on new fatherhood are plentiful and range from the ones full of helpful tips to ones full of poetry and cute sayings. Combine this gift with a few new dad bookmarks so that he can mark those pages of special interest.

Sentimental Gifts

Quite a few items have been manufactured with labeling that honors new fathers and current fathers alike. Gifts such as plaques, key rings, mugs, beer steins, and books are plentiful, especially during the weeks right before father's day.

Gift Basket

Consider a gourmet coffee basket with a mug that includes a saying honoring dad. You can create one on your own or purchase one online or in most florist shops.

A stationary gift basket can include the following items labeled with dad or father: pens, note tablets, sticky notes, writing paper, and pencils.

A gift basket of miscellaneous items labeled with the words, dad or father, is also a good idea that is sure to please with at least a few of the items that you include. Suggestions for this type of basket include mouse pad, baseball cap, and handkerchiefs.

It's important to realize that giving fathers a gift can be done throughout the year. However, if you are looking for a gift for father's day, shop early to have the best selection.

author: Susan Keenan

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