Father’s Day Gifts For Dad

Father's Day is often the best time to offer gifts of appreciation, respect, and love to that special man in your life. Fathers don't always know that they are appreciated, simply because they aren't told. In fact, sometimes it is a difficult thing to say, 'I love you,' to your father. Whether the two of you aren't close or you simply aren't in the habit of making such personal statements, it is important to show the man that you call 'father' or 'dad' that you do appreciate everything he does for you.

The tips listed below can be used as they are or for starting points to set your juices flowing and the ideas coming. Selecting a gift for your father isn't as difficult as you like to pretend. Maybe your father is an enigma and you don't know what to get. Play detective and ask your father a few questions about what he liked to do as a child. Ask him what dreams he had that he didn't yet fulfill. Send him one of those silly email questionnaires that make a person list every tiny little like and dislike they have in answer to fifty or more questions. It's amazing what you can find out about a person that you don't already know.

Now, when you go about your purpose of choosing the perfect gift for Father's Day, you are equipped with a few starting places to look. Select gifts that emphasize his strengths and likes rather than his weaknesses. The perfect gift will be something that your dad will appreciate for the gift as well as for the thought that went behind its selection.

The Gifts That Fall into the Same Old- Same Old Category

Before discounting these gifts and avoiding them simply because they represent the typical father's day gifts across the world, attempt to look at them in a new way.

  • Ties - For the father who likes to wear ties, select a tie hanger that will make his ties more easily accessible. Purchase a unique tie clip to go with it. Look for something that your father will appreciate. For example, a trout for the avid fisherman, a silhouette of a deer for the hunter, or a sailboat for the sailor all make nice gifts.
  • Wallets - Instead of a normal, everyday wallet, purchase dad a wrist wallet for when he goes jogging, is out on the boat, or is walking the dog.
  • Socks - Don't replace dad's socks every year, but a few new pairs in some of the newer wick free materials can be an excellent upgrade to socks dad is currently using.
  • Handkerchiefs - Monogrammed and extra large handkerchiefs are nice upgrades to simple, white ones.
  • Hats - If you buy dad a new hat, you can dress it up with a few extras. Get a hat for him to use fishing and pin a few new lures onto it. Perhaps, dad can use a visor for the grill and you can include a terry cloth headband for those hot afternoons of grilling.
  • Shirts - Select a shirt that your father can wear on more than one occassion. Buy him one for grilling, fishing, golfing, or whatever activity he enjoys.

The Themed Father's day Gift

Themed gifts are always a nice idea because you can put a lot of different things into this gift. At least a few of the items are sure to put a smile on dad's face.

  • Computer Theme - A new mouse pad that features a picture of dad with his family is a new touch on an old theme. Throw in a gift certificate to one of dad's favorite electronic or computer store.
  • Movie or Museum Theme - Purchase some tickets for a variety of theaters or museums and present them to dad in a new coffee mug.
  • Fishing Theme - Fishermen never seem to have enough equipment. Avoid replacing dad's tackle box, unless he has mentioned wanting another one. Some men develop an affinity for their sports equipment and dread replacing it with something new. Instead, purchase a medley of fishing supplies, such as bait, fishing hooks and line, and maybe even a spare fishing pole.
  • Sports Theme - Purchase two tickets for your father's favorite sports team- one for you and one for your father. Alternatively, you can purchase new equipment for your dad's favorite sport to play- a new racquet, some tennis or golf balls, or a gift certificate to pick out what he wants.

Perhaps one of the best gifts of all is to arrange to spend the entire day with your father. Make him breakfast in bed or take him out for brunch. Don't wait until the day arrives to try and make plans. Have a list of things that you can do and act accordingly. It's also a good idea to have a back up plan if you plan outdoor activities- just in case it rains.

author: Susan M. Keenan

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