Father's Day Gifts Under €50

It's nearly time to honor dads on Father's Day. Perhaps the mere thought of Father's Day causes your neck muscles to tighten, but not because you have negative feelings toward your father. If you feel tense over Father's Day, join the crowd. Nobody knows what to buy for Dad. Everything Dad wanted he's already bought for himself, except for that new workshop. If your wallet can afford that, go for it. The rest of us need some creative ideas that will solicit a great reaction from Dad on Father's Day, without a second mortgage. Try these ideas on for size.

  1. Remote control. Go beyond giving dad sole power over the remote control for the day - he probably has that every day anyway. Let him feel like Clint Eastwood with a Sharp Shootin' Remote Control, a simulated six-shooter sure to please every Trinity wannabe. With a satisfying 'Blam!' for every shot, you'll be sure to hear cackles of glee coming from dad's corner of the family room as he channel surfs just to hear the report. As if he needs another excuse to channel surf. For about €15, Dad will also get the sheriff's badge.
  2. Does your dad like cool stuff to set on his desk or in his place of work? Does he need something to occupy annoying, nosy coworkers who invade his space? Is he a manager with frequent squabbles among his employees? Space Age Ants might be just the thing. This is not your ordinary ant farm, though the ants inside are as industrious and cooperative as any other group of ants. What makes Space Age Ants so cool is the substance they live in, a Nasa scientist designed nutrient gel in a cool blue color. This was actually designed to test real ants in space; now your dad can test it in a whole new frontier. It's available online for around €24, and comes with a certificate to send off for 25 live ants, with €3 extra for shipping the critters.
  3. If your dad liked the movie, October Sky, or if he has a penchant for blowing things up, Spangler's Geyser Tube will be the perfect Father's Day gift for him. It works by attaching the tube to a bottle of soda and dropping mints down the chute. After a short period of time the whole thing will erupt, with a stream of soda shooting 30 feet into the air. Harmless fun for an afternoon of laughs on Father's day, all for about €5 online.
  4. Now you can give your handyman dad some help, without actually standing next to him holding a handful of screws and nuts. The Magnogrip is the handyman's other right hand. Magnogrip is a wraparound wristband magnet that holds nails, screws, drill bits, or any tiny metal object capable of rolling away or dropping into dark unreachable crevices. Your dad will love it, and you'll love the €15-€20 price tag. Available online.
  5. To please every dad, think food. To please the meat lover, try some Texas barbecue. New Braunfels Smokehouse is nationally famous for its smoked meats, including brisket, turkey, ribs, ham, sausage, jerky, pastrami, and much more. Gift packages are available, or you can order your dad's favorite meat. These people give a guarantee that you will be satisfied with your order. You can order online, or call a toll free number, and have it shipped to your dad anywhere in the U.S. within a few days.

Feeling better? Less tense? Here's to a great Father's Day this year, for dads and those who strive to make them happy.

author: E. E. Kane

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