Finding Cheap Bridesmaids Dresses

Finding cheap bridesmaids dresses isn't the easiest thing to do, with many bridesmaids dresses over €200. After adding to that the cost of alterations, shoes, and hair, many bridesmaids start worrying how they will pay their next month's rent. But with a little bit of searching, it is possible to find cheap bridesmaids dresses, even for a formal wedding!

Shopping Online

Knowing where to shop is the most important step to saving money on bridesmaids dresses. Some bridal salons are cheaper than others, so these should be the first on your list. Buying all the dresses in one order could give you significant savings. Another option is to order the dresses from an online retailer after trying them on in the salon. This can save you 20% or more off of the salon cost. Be careful, though, not all online dress retailers are selling the original dress. Those that offer more than a 50% discount are likely making cheap knockoffs, and these sites should be avoided to make sure that you receive high quality dresses.

Shopping Offline

Department stores are also a great place to look. They typically have an extensive formalwear section and the prom section is also a worthwhile place to look. Department store bridesmaid dresses can be just as expensive as those from salons, but many of them range from €50-100. You can also save money on bridesmaids dresses at department stores, because they will match prices and refund the difference if the dresses go on sale after you purchase them. End of season sales are also a great idea. Mid-summer and just after New Year's Day are the perfect times to catch formal dresses on sale.

Cost Per Wear

Another aspect of finding cheap bridesmaids dresses is the cost per wear idea. If your girls know they will wear the dress again, they won't mind spending a little more for something they will love. Some bridesmaids dresses are cut in more classic and flattering styles than others, so these dresses could be worn over and over again. Some possible occasions to re-wear your bridesmaid dress would be another wedding, a Halloween or costume party, and New Year's Eve or another fancy night out.

Also, if you had a younger sister or friend, she could borrow it for a ball or prom. Many times, hemming a long gown makes it easily wearable to another function. But regardless of how the dress is worn again, the cost per wear will still be reduced. A €150 dress quickly becomes €50 for a New Year's Eve dress, €50 for a dress for your cousin's wedding, and of course a €50 bridesmaid dress. Happy shopping!

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