Finding Your Hotel Best Rate Guarantee

These days, anyone's vacation can be maximized if he or she manages to get a good discount on amenities and some travel expenses like airfare. As such, the quest for the ideal hotel rate is on, and most people do it at their convenience online. Many hotel deal-related websites claim that they are giving away the hotel best rate guarantee. But how can you really tell a good deal from a bad one? It's a tricky endeavor but not something that is entirely impossible to crack.

Consolidated Hotel Discount Sites

The benefit of looking at hotel discount sites that focus on scouring the various hotels worldwide is that it saves you the hassle of filtering through online searches. Using search engines merely to get discounts can be useful. However, in the long-term traveling lifestyle, it might not be the most convenient choice. Also, the search engines cannot really distinguish between legitimate hotel discount sites and fake ones. Another option is to sign up for updates from your favorite hotels one by one, but it is virtually impossible to keep track of them all regularly. It also lessens the chance of discovering new and equally deserving hotels that may have better deals to offer since it is still trying to build its brand.

Word of Mouth Recommendation

Traditionally, word of mouth recommendation is the most tried and tested way to ensure that you will get the best deal. It is better to scour for discounts on websites that are also used previously by people that you know than risk with a new website. This is still the most reliable means of getting the best deals because you will have a personal testimonial of another person's positive experience of their service.

Taxes and Hidden Charges

Another thing to look at is the amounts displayed on the site. The best hotel discount websites are those which give out clear and specific details on the price. It will indicate whether the discounted rates are inclusive of taxes and will not surprise you with hidden charges. The clearer the prices and terms indicated, the better it is. If these items are not clear, try your best to contact their customer service lines and see if they will be able to explain or walk you through the expenses before you make a payment.

Secure Login

Security in online transactions like purchasing a hotel deal online is not something to be taken too lightly. An SSL login on a website will ensure that you are not at a much higher risk for identity theft or hacking activities. A company that has invested in SSL for their customers shows care in safeguarding their payment information. You can make multiple transactions with more ease if there is an SSL login. Also, on your end, it is best to have your firewall on and have a good anti-virus before divulging your personal details online through financial transactions.


There is more provision for discounts with hotels that are operating during non-peak season. This might not sit well with some tourists but having an off-season discount has its own set of perks. Traveling outside the peak season of your place of choice (and the hotel discounts depend also on this dynamic) gets you better customer service during your stay and it also has naturally lower rates.

Group Discounts

There is power in numbers even in securing the best hotel deals. There are more discounts available for groups than for individuals on travel. Try forming a group of travel buddies who can help you find the best hotel deals and accompany you in your adventures.

Flexibility of Travel Schedule

Most discounts can be acquired when your travel schedule is more flexible. The ability to adjust travel dates is proportional to the possible hotel deals that you can get. Some people may not have this option given a hectic schedule, but this trait increases your chances of getting better hotel deals.

Effective Feedback Mechanism

Finally, it is most important to get an effective feedback mechanism from the website hosting hotel deals. It is important right from the very beginning to ensure that you can count on them to address your needs or issues. A good way to test whether a hotel discount website is reliable is by placing inquiries before booking a reservation through them. Their speed and thoroughness of response will give you a good gauge of how they handle their transactions.

Getting the best hotel rate guarantee ironically takes some risk with it because you might initially have to try a few services offered online before you get the best fit for your needs. But once you find it, it's a worthwhile endeavor that can lessen your headaches as you plan accommodations for your future travel plans.

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