Finding Unique Father’s Day Gifts Online

Ask Dad what he wants for Father's Day and he will most likely say he doesn't want anything or he doesn't care. Whether a result of too many bad neckties or his natural tendency to put the needs of others before his own, these types of responses are of no help to the Father's Day shopper looking for that truly special gift. The good news is the perfect gift for the perfect Dad may be just a few keystrokes away from arriving at your front door in plenty of time to surprise him this Father's Day.

The key to buying the perfect gift is to know what makes him tick. Does Dad like sports? If so, does he have a favorite team? Visit his team's website and look for memorabilia. Virtually every major league sports team today has a website and are more than happy to sell officially licensed clothing, coffee mugs, license plate frames and just about anything else with their logo. This is especially helpful if your father lives outside the general marketing area for his favorite team because unless they are Super Bowl or Stanley Cup champions, finding team gear may be difficult.

Take the sports theme one step further and look for tickets to upcoming games while visiting the website. Again, if your father lives far from his favorite team look for games against opponents that are in your area. Often tickets bought in advance and online can be at considerable savings from game day purchases. Looking for something even more unique? Instead of buying him another commemorative jersey or ball cap, try finding vintage memorabilia or magazine articles featuring his favorite players. Imagine his excitement when instead of a dress shirt he opens his present and finds a thirty year old copy of Sports Illustrated with his beloved team on the cover. Plug the word 'vintage' before his team name into any search engine or on eBay and enjoy the possibilities.

Perhaps Dad isn't such a big sports fan. Just about every Dad likes gadgets. Search the word 'gadgets' or 'gadgets for men' and nearly 20 million websites pop up. From remote control helicopters to gag gifts like talking ashtrays, you are sure to find that one gift that says you truly care. Remember the singing fish plaques? Whatever hobby your father enjoys, there are gadgets and gizmos to celebrate and entertain him.

Is your Dad a practical guy? Is he always looking for sound investments or thinking about retirement? A few shares of stock in his favorite company might surprise and excite him. Shares of even the most popular companies, such as Microsoft or Disney are currently trading for less than $40 a share. For the same price as a round of golf or tickets to the football game you can pick up three shares of stock and show Dad that you care about his future. Even if you are not a regular investor in the stock market, online brokerage houses are easy to use and offer the same FDIC protections as brick and mortar financial institutions.

Is your Dad a veteran? A lot of men are joining military organizations celebrating their former units and these organizations are always looking for veterans to reach out to. Investigate whether your father's unit has such an organization and if so, consider paying his membership. Many of these clubs are officially sanctioned by the military and can be found by visiting the appropriate branch's website. No matter if his tour of duty was long or short, he might enjoy receiving a newsletter that has information about former buddies and what is happening in today's military.

Whether the worlds biggest sports fan, former paratrooper, or just a regular guy who enjoys a new gadget once in a while, finding the perfect gift for him can be both exciting and convenient. Who knows? The gift he remembers for a lifetime may be just a click away.

author: Stephanie Tallman Smith

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