Five Fab Free Dates

Are the repetitive 'dinner and a movie' date nights ruining your relationship? If they haven't yet, they will shortly. Save yourself the money and sanity before it is too late. Check out these five inexpensive, yet exciting dates to try:

Watching the stars go by: There is nothing more romantic than stargazing with your lover. The peak of a meteor shower is the best time to go. You can even plan ahead with a meteor shower calendar. All you need is a blanket and your chosen one. You can also bring snacks or a picnic dinner. The best places to stargaze are at a local park, a cemetery, or a dark backyard. This date is a great opportunity to look at stars, talk, cuddle, and whatever else you please.

Going back to kindergarten: Take a break from your mature, sophisticated lives and plan a date around youth. There are a couple different ways you can approach this date. You can start in the park with a picnic of sandwich squares, cookies, and juice boxes. Don't forget to play on the playground while you are there, maybe even share an upside down kiss. Another way you can enjoy this date is by building a fort. Some other activities you can do on this date are finger painting, board games, cute crafts, watch childhood classics or memories from your younger years, and share funny stories from your childhood.

Spread cheer, Volunteer: Not only will you and your date be doing something fun, but you will also be helping others out. Some places to volunteer at are the soup kitchen, the animal shelter, the convalescent home, and the orphanage. The things you can do are endless, from organizing a baseball team for orphans, to giving makeovers to the elderly.

Get liberal at the library: Don't let the rows upon rows of books scare you away. The library is a great place for a date because it is so close and caters to everyone's different personality. The best part of the library is that it is free! Most libraries have just about every subject and hobby in their shelves. You and your date can read each other's fortune in the astrology section, woo one another by reading a few lines of Shakespeare, or look up more 'mature' pieces. Just walking around looking at books brings up new topics, such as what one person thought of a book or what the other would like to try one day. If both of you are anti-book, then rent a free movie from the library.

Be a scavenger: Look for unusual, but appetizing meals. Make a list of everything you need and go around the neighborhood asking for the different ingredients. Explain to your neighbors that you are on a scavenger hunt and ask for only proportions of the recipe. So instead of asking for two eggs at one house, ask for one. You will share many laughs from how funny people and yourselves can be. When you got everything you need, go home, make it, and enjoy your free and fun meal.

These are only five free dates. With a little imagination and fun, interesting dates can happen all the time for little or no cost. For more ideas, you can search your city for events. Enjoy and don't let your relationship get stale!

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