Five Tips for Selling Crafts Successfully

Selling handmade crafts and other items can be a great opportunity for SAHM's to earn extra money. If you have ever dreamed of turning your hobby into a lucrative business, the following tips will get you started with minimum initial investment required.

Set up at craft fairs and flea markets

Flea markets and craft fairs are a lot of fun and draw large crowds. Setup costs vary depending on the type of sale. Some allow you to rent tables and others require that you have all of your own supplies. There are a variety of ways to set up an appealing table or booth that are cost effective. Be creative. Be sure to bring business cards to pass out with every sale. Set up for several shows a year and have information available on where you will be selling. Once you establish regular customers they will want to know where to find you.

Set up a website

A website is a great place to show pictures of your crafts, describe how you create your items, and tell people about yourself. Potential buyers will be more comfortable purchasing from you when they get a feel for who you are and how you work. Your website should highlight the amount of time and effort your product requires as this adds value to your items. Websites do not have to be fancy, especially at first. As you establish a regular customer base you may want to add the ability to shop online. There are many softwares available to help you build a professional looking website without any coding experience needed.

Sell items on consignment or wholesale in your area

Bring samples of your items to local shops that may have an interest in carrying them. Gift shops and other local markets often carry items on consignment and like to feature crafts with a local flare. If feasible, consider offering incentives such as bulk discounts to area merchants. This will allow you to have items in multiple locations which means continued sales even after the busy craft fair season is over.

Use the Internet to inexpensively promote your business

Sites like and draw millions of visitors and allow you to advertise merchandise for free. You can include important information in your sales ads such as your website address, upcoming events, and contact information. is a specialty marketplace that features only handmade items. It is a great venue to inexpensively list your items for sale and build your online customer base.

Share your Expertise with others

Hold small classes and teach others how to do your type of craft. Often community colleges and even craft stores will hold non-credit classes where you can earn some additional income teaching. You may even be able to teach online at sites like which allow you to write your own course and set a fee for students to take it.

Following these five simple tips will help ensure your success in your own crafting business and also establish you as an expert at your craft. The more knowledgeable you appear, the more confident potential customers will feel about buying your products and recommending you to others.

author: Christine Sander

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