Four Reasons to Celebrate Halloween Differently

Do you dread spending this Halloween running the trick-or-treat circuit in your neighborhood or at the local mall? Did you know that many nature centers, museums, and other educational attractions offer trick-or-treating on Halloween? Here are four reasons to look for an educational venue for your next Halloween outing.

  1. Exposure to learning. Taking your kids to an educational venue is a fun way to expose them to information. Your kids will be so caught up in the activities of Halloween that they will not realize they are learning something. If they do sniff out your objective, encourage them to ask questions and interact with the venue staff.
  2. Safety. On Halloween, parents fear the possibility that a child predator will threaten their child's safety during trick-or-treating. If you take your children to a public venue that is well-lit and supervised, your children will be safer than they are walking up to strangers' homes in the dark, especially if you are with them.
  3. Fresh air. While not every venue features an outdoor event, you can look for a haunted hike or trick-or-treating at your local nature center. Another possibility is visiting a historical home in the area. Your local planetarium might even offer a special show on Halloween night. These are great ways for your child to learn and get fresh air on Halloween away from the cars and noise of neighborhood trick-or-treating.
  4. Get out of your comfort zone. If your family needs a new tradition, try visiting a different public venue each year. Some educational attractions will offer Halloween events on a different night before October 31. If you don't want to give up your plans, take the family to the educational venue on a different night for twice the Halloween fun.

Halloween is an important time to spend with children to ensure they are safe. Don't take a chance and let your child go trick-or-treating without adult supervision. If you have a Halloween party to attend, you can hire a babysitter to take your child through the neighborhood or to an event at an educational venue.

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