Four ways to work from home better

Many people work from home these days, whether they own their own business or work for someone else. It's growing in popularity, but it is harder than it seems. There are many things to juggle when working from home since the two worlds (home and work) are no longer completely separate. Here are 4 ways you can work from home better:

Schedule/Calendar/To Do

Working from home requires a lot of organization. Not just for your job, but for life as well. Working from home often means a lot of juggling of work, house duties, errands etc. It's important to schedule hours when you work, when you clean and when you get a break. All are equally important when you work from home. Loosely scheduling your day is helpful. A calendar comes in handy for keeping track of deadlines and appointments. To keep yourself on track each day and complete tasks that need to be completed, use a to do list.

Create a dedicated workspace

It's not enough to have a sporadic workspace when you work from home. You need a space that is always your workspace. You can't be expected to set up shop somewhere new depending on what's going on in your household. Even if you can only dedicate a corner with a small desk to your work, it will do better than moving around constantly.

Eliminate distractions

Working from home no doubt brings plenty of distractions. Laundry, dishes, the dusty mantle, windows that need cleaning, even a toilet that needs scrubbing. Suddenly all the tasks we don't normally rush to get done, we feel desperate to do. Set aside time for chores throughout the day or week. If it helps, don't have your workspace in or facing the distractions that tempt you.

Be a good boss

This mainly applies of course if you're running your own business, but even if you have a boss at the office, when you work from home you do need to be your own boss. Working from home means there is no one looking over your shoulder making sure you're working. You have to take on the task of being your own boss and making sure you get your job done. But being a good boss also means not overworking yourself. Remember to take lunch and other breaks throughout the day, just as if you were at work.

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