Gift Ideas for Father’s Day for Stepfathers

Shopping for a stepfather isn't always the easiest thing to do, because sometimes the birth father's feelings need to be taken into consideration. In the ideal case, everyone has gotten over his negative feelings and this is no longer a problem. However, when it is, it is equally important to search for the right gift for both of the fathers involved. This generally solves the problem of accidentally hurting anyone's feelings.

In some cases, the thought never even arises to get a stepfather a father's day gift. It's more the result of the way our society has evolved than anything else. However, if you are in the market for a father's day gift for your stepfather, the options include the same type of gifts that you would be purchasing your biological father.

Things to Do Together Gifts

Put together a small booklet of things for the two of you to do together. Depending on your age, any of the following ideas goes a long way to saying 'I appreciate all that you do for me.'

  • Tickets for various sporting events
  • Tickets to a movie theater
  • Tickets to a museum
  • Tickets to a zoo
  • Handmade tickets for redemption for things like a game of pinochle, miniature golf, bowling, or the batting cages
  • Handmade tickets for redemption for a trip to an ice cream parlor, Italian ice stand, or fast food restaurant

Simply attach these coupons on colorful index cards, use a hole puncher to make one hole in each card, and use a ribbon to tie them together.

Themed Gifts

Think about what your stepfather likes to do. Purchasing a themed basket that has already been made up for you is the easiest path to take. Numerous online stores, gift shops, florist shops, and even discount stores carry these items in the weeks just before father's day. Consider the following themes for your gift basket:

  • Fishing items
  • Coffee items
  • Sports items
  • Car items
  • Sweets and treats
  • DVDs, movie candy, and microwave popcorn
  • Music items including CDs, tee shirts, or magazines
  • Golf basket
  • Reader's items including mini light, books, bookmarks, and gift certificates to a bookstore

Traditional Gifts

While traditional gifts are often the easiest way to go, putting a slight twist to them can be all that it takes to make the gift special and appreciated for the meaning behind it. Instead of getting your stepfather a simple tie, purchase themed ties for him to enjoy all year round. Get one for each season, each sport that he enjoys, or in his favorite colors.

If you decide to get him a new wallet, include photographs inside along with a two-dollar bill or some unusual type of dollar bill. Additionally, you can use the wallet for the ticket/coupon idea listed above. Place tickets for various events that your stepfather will enjoy inside the wallet.

Socks are often the most dreaded of all gifts unless someone who enjoys getting new socks is receiving them. However, if you think about the purchase and the recipient's personal interests, you could turn this into a winning situation. Instead of buying a set of socks that are all the same, purchase a variety of socks that have specialized purposes. For example, get a combination of socks such as golf, hunting, basketball, ankle length, knee length, support, wicking protection, and more to give to your stepfather. Toss in a nice warm pair of slipper socks as well.

Just put some thought into your purchase and you will be able to come up with the perfect gift. Although some people might purchase identical gifts for their birth father and stepfather, this isn't always a good idea unless you are able to personalize it in some way.

author: Susan Keenan

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