Glendalough Monastery

Ruins and graveyard at the Glendalough Monastery

Amidst the ruined village within the glacial valley of County Wicklow, there stands a monastery of remarkable appearance - the Glendalough Monastery. Glendalough, or Gleann Dá Loch in Irish, which means 'Glen of Two Lakes' was formed during the last ice age by a moraine left by a glacier and the Poulanass River creating a delta, thus forming two lakes. This settlement was found by St. Kevin in the 6th century. Located near the Lower and Upper Lakes, this remote and peaceful area is great for those seeking for some quiet time.

From afar, you could already see its circular tower (the Round Tower), which is the most popular part of its monastic remains. This is one of the monastery's most photographed structures, probably because it is left in such a good state and rises above everything else. This tower was speculated to have been built during the Viking assaults in Ireland. It served as the sanctuary of religious items such as books and chalices that the monastery used during that time.

In the Glendalough Monastery, aside from the famous Round Tower, you can also find remains of gateway arches that lead to the location of the tower. You can also find several church ruins and cathedrals, as well as old gravestones.

Another feature of the Glendalough Monastery is Saint Kevin's Cross. This Celtic High Cross, which is ornately designed with complex engravings also has a circular stone attached to one side at the intersection of its four arms. This cross is placed next to the Caher, which is a circular stone enclosure.

Admission fees* range from €2 for children to €4 for adults for the visitor centre and guided tour, depending on your age group. (Exploring the monastery ruins without a guide is free.) It is open all throughout the year. Also, you wouldn't have to worry about not having any pictures for souvenirs because picture-taking and video recording is allowed for visitors.

Don't think that this is one boring site. Its quiet atmosphere and beautiful sceneries also provide places for riding bikes, walking trails and extensive lawns for family picnics. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to be alone, or if you want to spend some quality time with your family- whatever your reason for finding some peace and quiet, the Glendalough Monastery in County Wicklow is the perfect place to be. So pack your bags and make ready your picnic things - the beauty of Glendalough is waiting to be discovered.

* Senior citizen and Family group discounts are available.

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