Halloween Party Games Kids Will Love!

Halloween party games

What's a Halloween party without the punch, the treats or the games? In this day and age, it can sometimes be a little hard to entertain miniature ghouls and goblins with the same old party games. What you need are a few simple group activities that are easy to follow yet exciting enough to keep their attention!

Mummy Wrap!

This requires the group to break up into teams of two people each and be given one roll of toilet paper per team. One person is to be the 'wrapper' and the other person is to be the mummy! Whether the children wrap each arm and leg individually or wrap their partner's entire body is irrelevant- what is relevant is the first team to have a completely wrapped mummy is the winner! Give away second and third prizes, if you wish.

The Wishing Tree

You can do this one inside or outside. You'll need a red apple (with a stem) for each guest- plus one green apple, some sturdy string, a tree branch or a pole to hang the apples from and a blindfold. Tie a string to the stem of each apple and then tie the apples to a tree branch (or horizontal pole) as close together as possible. Pick the first child and have the child make a wish quietly to him or herself. When the wish is made, blindfold the player and spin him/her around while saying this rhyme with the group-

Apples, apples in a tree
All dark red and one bright green
Spinning, spinning, then set free
Is the green one meant for me?

As the child is spinning, also spin the apples. Help point the child in the right direction as he/she reaches to pick an apple. If the green one is picked, the wish will come true! Allow each child to keep the apple they pick. In addition to, or if you'd rather, you can place a tag on each apple with a number that corresponds to a prize.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

A few days before the party, think of some silly items and write them down on scraps of paper for a scavenger hunt. Break the children into small groups to be accompanied by 1 or 2 adults. Allow the children to draw 5 scraps of paper per group then take the children in their Halloween costumes to find things like ketchup packets, yesterday's newspaper or a giant pickle. With younger age groups, the hunt should be simple, and stay relegated to the immediate area with easily found items. The older the age group, the more complicated the hunt with more relaxed boundaries. The first team to recover all of their items wins the hunt and a special prize!

These games are sure to keep the children busy laughing and everyone is bound to have a good time. Children love to play games but they love it even more when adults join in! Don't forget to have yourself a good time, too!

author: Danielle Chapman

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