How Do I Choose an Adventure Travel Tour Based on My Fitness Level?

Adventure travel vacations have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Reality shows like Survivor and Amazing Race highlight exciting challenges like rock climbing and bungee jumping that push contestants to their physical limits. New sports are popping up all over zipline tours are one example. Ziplining was originally an activity limited to the rainforest canopy. As its popularity exploded, ziplining is now available at a variety of resort destinations specifically, ski resorts.

Many vacationers have grown tired of spending lazy days on the beach or shopping at outlet malls and are looking for more exciting ways to spend their hard-earned vacation dollars. As Americans work more and more hours, they're looking for an outlet to counteract their stressed-out lives. Adventure travel is the answer for many thrill-seekers looking for new challenges.

Adventure vacations run the gamut from soft adventure to extreme adventure . Soft adventure vacations are physically active vacations that are not extremely rigorous. They are suitable for senior travelers, first-time adventure travelers, and for those who like active vacations but have not been physically active for awhile. Extreme adventure vacations are tailored for thrill-seekers in top physical condition who are looking for new, exciting challenges.

Many adventure travel tour operators offer biking and hiking tours. Tours typically range from three to ten days (most tours average six days). For those who like to bike and hike but don't relish the idea of spending an entire week devoted to one sport, a multi-sport tour is a good solution. Multisport tours combine activities like biking, hiking, rafting, and horseback riding. Trips include a full day of a specific activity (biking for example) or ½ day of hiking combined with a ½ day of rafting or horseback riding.

Adventure travel tour operators assign ratings to indicate the level of difficulty of each tour. Some use a number scale of 1-5. For example, 1 may indicate an easy tour while 5 may indicate a challenging tour Other tour operators use average time to complete an activity and average biking and hiking mileage.

Tour operators provide brochures that list daily itineraries and include the relevant rating for each tour. If you are interested in a particular tour but are uncertain if your physical ability is suited to that tour, you can request a more detailed itinerary that clearly states the amount of mileage for each activity on a daily basis. Many tour operators have representatives who have gone on the actual tours and are happy to give detailed information on a tour you are interested in.

As most adventure travel tour operators cater to small groups (often 18-22 is the maximum number of guests), tour guides can accommodate guest's needs. If you don't feel like biking 50 miles one day, your guide can tailor a shorter route for you. Van support is provided so if do you plan on biking 50 miles but get tired, the van can pick you up. If you want to do something different one day, your guide can arrange a different activity for you depending on where you are and availability of other activities.

While an adventure tour is assigned a specific rating, it is up to the guest to be as active as they choose to be.

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