How to Choose the Best Father's Day Gift

Father's Day is just around the corner - the time of year when we honor the many men in our lives with gifts that express just how much they mean to us. But many people have trouble choosing the right gift for that special man, whether it is a father, stepfather, godfather, uncle, brother, son, or other man who has had a significant impact on their lives. Choosing a gift for a man is in many ways more challenging than selecting a gift for a woman. Many times it is hard to even fathom the gift that a man will enjoy. The following factors should be taken into consideration when selecting the best Father's Day gift:

  • Your budget. Perhaps the biggest constraint on your gifting ideas is your budget. How much you can afford and are willing to spend on a Father's Day gift will help you narrow down your choices.
  • His lifestyle. The gift that you select should be something that is useful to the man either in his job or in his spare time. For instance, if he has a hobby, such as golf, you might select a new golf accessory. If the recipient is a business executive, then something that he can use at his desk might be well-received. Avid camper? A new tent or camp stove is a great gift idea.
  • His needs. Most men appreciate gifts that they actually want, not gifts that they need. This is due to the fact that most people already have everything that they truly need. But if your recipient needs something that he does not currently own, then you can make a gift of that item. For example, if the recipient needs a new set of luggage, then that would make the perfect gift. Buying a 'needful' gift not only fills the need, but will also allow get the satisfaction of seeing the person use the item from time to time.

Great Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Armed with the above information, you may be well on your way to visualizing the right gift for your Father's Day recipient. The following gifts are always tops on Father's Day wish lists:

  • Electronics. Guys are typically gadget-friendly, and they appreciate the latest electronic gifts. From MP4 players to GPS units to new cell phones or cell phone accessories, electronics are always a good bet.
  • Clothing. Most men secretly (or sometimes openly) have a passion for fashion. For this type of guy, a new pair of his favorite jeans, or a few designer tees may be the perfect idea for Father's Day gifting. Hold the ties, though; this cliché Father's Day gift has been overworked for far too long. No man really loves the gift of a tie.
  • Toys. Indulge the man's inner child with a toy gift. From model planes to rockets, allowing the man to step back to the joys of his youth is a gift he may not soon forget.
  • Books. If your gift recipient loves to read, buy him a collection by his favorite author, or a few volumes from his favorite genre. Books are a gift that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.
  • Traditional gifts. If none of these gifts appeal to you, there are always traditional gifts that you might select for Father's Day, including cuff links, pocket knives, money clips, and chess sets. Many retailers often showcase the more traditional gifts during the month or so leading up to Father's Day, so take note of in-store displays or website links for these classic gifts.
  • Gift cards. And when all else fails, the gift card is a fail-safe gift that nearly everyone enjoys receiving. A gift card for his favorite store or restaurant is a great sentiment; be sure to place it inside a heart-felt Father's Day card before presenting it to him.

No matter what you choose to buy your gift recipient on Father's Day, keep in mind the one thing that he may be most interested in: your time. Taking time out to honor your father on his one special day can be the best gift of all, whether spent reminiscing together or enjoying a meal at a local eatery.

author: Melissa Spicer

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