How to Hide Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the experience of a lifetime. Each pregnancy is as unique as the woman experiencing it is. There may be a variety of reasons influencing a woman's decisions at this time in her life. One of the big decisions she is facing is who to tell and how to tell them. There is, of course, a limited amount of time a woman has to share this information before her body may tell on her. There are some ways to postpone revealing the big news, should she decide to wait. Some symptoms of pregnancy can be hidden by wardrobe and some symptoms of pregnancy will require explanation, but nothing is impossible!

If you are trying to hide your pregnancy, and you are lucky, you won't suffer extreme morning sickness or moodiness, you may be taller, or curvier, and have a relatively easy time concealing your secret. If you are not so lucky, you can still take your time sharing the big news.

Maternity lines have a product that allows you to continue to wear your same pants beyond the time the buttons stop reaching. Ingrid and Isabel's Bella Band and other tube top-like items that you can wear over the waistband of your pants after you are no longer able to comfortably close them can help keep you out of maternity pants. If the weather is seasonable, a variety of dresses can avoid the waistband issue altogether. Many fashionable tops have sufficient length to cover an expanding midsection. Thank goodness midriff shirts aren't as common today as they once were! Keep in mind that certain prints such as stripes will highlight your new curves but other prints such as floral or paisley might help camouflage them. Remember that your enhanced curves aren't only bursting out your midsection, and try to avoid especially low-cut tops, or else your cleavage could give you away.

Pregnancy calls for a variety of lifestyle changes as well. Depending on your pre-pregnancy habits, a few excuses may need to be made. You can tell people you are simply starting to form some new healthy habits if you quit smoking or drinking. You can volunteer to be the designated driver to avoid alcohol but still go out on the town your friends are sure to appreciate the money you save them on cab fare! You can drink juice or soda and pass them off as mixed drinks. If you have morning sickness, this approach will give you a good excuse for your nausea the next day. You will also have a ton of doctor appointments when you begin prenatal care. If you are trying to keep a secret, you may want to use a variety of excuses other than explaining that all your appointments are with a doctor, otherwise people may get suspicious.

Whatever decision you make for whatever reason, keep in mind the bundle of joy that awaits you. Your secret will reveal itself eventually no matter what you do and most people love babies, so don't stress too much. Oftentimes, the people in a woman's life only wish she had told them sooner so they could share in the excitement.

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