How To Make A Christmas Centerpiece

Christmas centerpieces are always at the center of the holiday festivities! Christmas happens all around them. Christmas centerpieces reflect that Christmas magic!

Christmas centerpieces always add natural warmth to any room. Evergreen boughs, holly, poinsettia, berries, and fruits spill out of Christmas baskets. Evergreens and flowers should be inserted into oasis floral foam and replenished with moisture on a daily basis. This liquid nourishment will keep them fresh and will help them last longer into the holiday season. Basket centerpieces shouldn't be so tall that they obstruct a guest's vision. It is desirable, however, to have a basket handle of a height which allows a candle to fit into the basket. Oasis floral foam can also be used to secure candles.

Safety must always be the priority when lighted candles are to be included in a centerpiece. Never have lighted candles too near one another! It is also advisable to provide a barrier between a lighted candle and any flammable materials. Strings of pearls or beads can be used to encase a candle and separate it from the rest of the basket. Pillar candles are a sturdy choice to position within baskets. Never leave any lighted candles unattended, however, under any circumstance! Always extinguish all candles before going to sleep! One of this season's most popular and safest option is to use tiny battery operated lights in wreaths and baskets. Holiday candles can still be used for display in Christmas centerpieces

Metallic gold and silver ornaments can add even more sparkle to a Christmas basket centerpiece! Metallics are in and they can be found in many stylish Christmas centerpieces! Snowy white and cool blue ornaments give an icy look to a Christmas basket. Silver ribbons and a sprinkling of silver dust can provide a finishing touch of sparkle and glitter!

Beautiful candlesticks and candles can themselves make an exquisite Christmas centerpiece! Silver candlesticks with silver or gold candles make an elegant yet simple adornment for any holiday table. Accents of silver bows or gold ribbons can be added below the burn line of the candle. A lighted candle, however, always requires on hand supervision. Groupings of candles and candlesticks can be used to create larger Christmas centerpieces. Candles of different heights and colors can be used within one display. The variety will actually add interest to the centerpiece. Dripless candles will help to protect ribbons and table runners.

Crystal and glass bowls or vases can be the foundation for stunning Christmas centerpieces! A holiday wreath can be fitted around the outside of a bowl. Sets of battery operated clear mini - lights can be placed throughout the wreath. Continue the sparkle inside - with metallic ornaments, glistening tinsel and garland, or golden paper. Glass and crystal bowls or vases of any size or design can be transformed into a Christmas centerpiece. A footed or pedestal bowl can be used to create a centerpiece with both height and elegance. Single color ornaments or a rainbow of colored ones can fill a bowl or vase. The color of one's Christmas tree ornaments can be continued in a Christmas bowl centerpiece. Red and green apples are a fruity alternative for a Christmas bowl. A selection of pine cones and red ribbons provide a rustic contrast to a crystal bowl. The combination is a definite winner! Greenery with or without lights can provide a delightful accent in a glass or crystal bowl. Holly and berries always provide a splash of color to any arrangement.

Trays, platters, and mirrors can be at the bottom of a beautiful Christmas centerpiece. Silver trays, gilded mirrors, and heirloom platters can hold the most exquisite centerpieces. A silver tray or a simple mirror under a candle centerpiece doubles the light and sparkle effect! Pine cones, greenery, and cinnamon sticks can adorn a silver tray along with a grouping of pillar candles. Cinnamon sticks can even be glued onto the candles to give them a festive fragrance. Gold and silver ornaments have double the sparkle when placed on a silver tray. Display lighted greenery on the tray for even more shine! Tiny Christmas gift boxes with festive ribbons and bows can be displayed on holiday platters. Add shredded silver or gold paper, tinsel, or garland for extra sparkle! Use the best holiday platters and let their design be part of the display. Red pillar candles look great when displayed on a Christmas platter and surrounded by cranberries. Place a few brightly colored miniature ornaments on top of the berries. Square candles provide a contrast to a rectangular tray. Arrange strings of pearls around the candles for a simple yet elegant Christmas centerpiece.

Christmas centerpieces show off the holiday colors and sparkle. They are a part of the Christmas tradition. Christmas centerpieces are always in the middle of the Christmas merriment!

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