How to Make Money As A College Student

If you're a college student who needs to make money now, the quickest way is to set up an online auction. eBay is a large marketplace of products being sold to all parts of the world. You can certainly build your eBay business from pocket money to a nice profit. Follow these easy steps to get started.

First off, the key here is to find things that will make you a nice profit. If you're a student, start with things that you own, which can be sold to the same demographics. Take a look in your dorm or home and find things you don't need or want. Some ideas for the college student are textbooks, comic books, electronics, jewelry, clothing, makeup, sunglasses and more. Make a list of what you are going to sell to stay organized. Make sure items are of good quality and can be easily shipped.

You will need a good camera that will capture quality pictures of your items. It's a good idea to always take more than one picture of your items from different angles. For example, if you are going to sell a prom dress, take a picture of the dress on someone or a mannequin from the front and back. It's also a great idea to take a picture of the tag if it's a brand name dress. Use your camera in the daytime when the natural lighting is best for photos. You can create a great background for your items using a light box or white fabric.

Many new auction sellers don't know this but you can add free images to your auction description. All you need are basic html skills and a free image hosting provider. Upload your pictures to the free image hosting provider and they will provide you with the html photo tags. Use these html tags in your auction description to add more pictures to your listing. This will save you a lot of money with each of your auction listings.

Writing keywords in your auction titles and description are very important for the search engines. You want people who are already on eBay to find you with a keyword search. For example, if you are selling clothing, use the brand name, size and item in your auction title. Learn all the abbreviations that veteran auction sellers are using when they set up an auction listing. For example, a brand new item without a price tag would be BNWT. Take the time to create a good description for your items so that potential customers know exactly what they are bidding on.

Market your online auction through all of your social networking sites. If you are on Facebook, post a link to your auction listings and ask friends to repost the link to their friends. Use all of the social networking sites you are on to your advantage. Let everyone know you've kicked off your auction business. You never know who could be your next customer!

Finding items to sell for your auction business will be easy. When your friends and classmates see how much money you're making by selling your own stuff, they will come to you with their things. Offer a percentage that you will take if the item sells. Let them know how much work goes into listing, selling and shipping an item. You can even offer your services on the social networking sites you're on. You will be amazed at how many people will ask you to sell their items!

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