How to Make Money With Your Website

Learning how to make money with your website is a vital part of joining the work-at-home demographic. Even if you simply want to cover your costs for domain name and hosting, there are several simple ways to monetize. These same methods can explode into a true income with only a little more effort.

Contextual Advertising

Although Google Adsense is the largest and most popular contextual advertising network, it is not the only one. Others include Yahoo and Bidvertiser. This method of making money with your website is the easiest one by far. Simply copy and paste a bit of code onto your website and drive traffic to it. The code displays advertisements that are topically matched to your website content. Every time someone clicks on an ad, you make money. The more traffic you get, the more money you will make.

Affiliate Marketing

Only slightly more complicated that contextual advertising, affiliate marketing is a way to make money in which you display products or services on your website from other companies. When someone purchases or signs up, you make a commission on that sale or lead. Affiliate marketing has very high earning potentials, and there is virtually no limit to the types of products available.


A way to make money on your website every month is to offer subscriptions to something. This can be a high quality newsletter, a special member's only area, or a particular service you offer. Whatever you offer based on a monthly or weekly subscription plan must carry some intrinsic value to people or they will never sign up.

Ecommerce Sales

Selling products on your website is a popular way to make money online. These can be products you create yourself, merchandise purchased for resale from a wholesaler, dropship items, or downloadable information products. Internet sales are skyrocketing and you can get in on the profits.

Advertising Sales

Besides hosting contextual advertising blocks, if your website has a good amount of unique daily traffic, you can sell advertising directly to other companies and website owners. This is not one of the most lucrative methods of making money with your website however. Advertising will not sell unless your traffic or reputation on the web is exceptional.

Learning how to make money with your website is an important step in building an online business, but it is not just entrepreneurs who do it. Regular people seeking to cover hosting and internet expenses are monetizing their websites too.

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