Inexpensive Gift Basket Ideas

Have you been challenged to come up with a creative Christmas gift with a spending limit? Whether you have drawn a co workers name, or you simply have a gift exchange to shop for, this is an idea that is sure to impress anyone. Everyone loves gift baskets, but where do you find the perfect basket fillers?

Euro Store stores have gifts for all occasions, so why not start by shopping there. You can pick up a small gift basket and fill it for five to ten euros, and it will look like you spent much more.

Start off with a nice bottle of scented bubble bath. You can then add a holiday wash cloth and a matching holiday dish towel. Pick out your favorite holiday Santa ornament, and finish with a lovely bath poof. With the cost of the basket and each item you have spent a total of six euros and have a home made holiday gift basket.

If you need a gift basket for a child, there are hundreds of choices using the same idea. Start off with your basket, then shop to fill. Scented bubble stuff is a good item to start off with. For a boy you could choose a toy dinosaur, a new coloring book and crayons, and maybe a water balloon kit. For a girl, you can choose a doll with a change of doll clothes, a make up kit, a jump rope, and sparkling nail polish.

This is a wonderful idea if you have children that want to shop for parents or relatives. By letting the children pick out items on their own, it will give them a sense of independence. You can give the child a spending limit and explain to them that each item in the store is one euro. They need to fill their basket and they have to find five different items they think such and such would really be happy with.

If you want to make a basket filled with candy, this is possible too. You can start off with an extra large chocolate candy bar. Next, you may want to choose a bag of jelly beans, and some chocolate covered cherries. You can also by adding a nice box of peanut brittle. Finish by adding a nice scented candle just to give the basket a little flair.

If you want to decorate your basket with holiday bows and ribbons, you are in the right store for that too. Pick out some holiday ribbon and try wrapping it around the handle of your basket. Get creative, and add some holiday stickers if you like. Let you imagination know the sky is the limit, without putting a big hurt on your wallet.

This is an exciting challenge. You will find that everyone can easily come up with awesome Christmas basket filler ideas. You will be surprised at how many different combinations you can come up. Try to be as creative as possible. Make it a game and challenge your friends and neighbors to see who can come up with the best holiday basket.

author: Breidi Caparatta

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