Irish Tax returns, easier than you think

If you've been working in Ireland, and have been paying your taxes, chances are good that you are due a tax return. Getting your tax back is easier in Ireland than any other country I have ever worked in, no lengthy tax return forms, or complicated procedures to follow, you simply need to send an email to the Revenue Office!

Before we begin, I must admit that you may not be eligible for an Irish tax return, you may even be 'in the red' meaning that you have to pay more tax, but in most cases you (or your employer in Ireland) will have paid too much tax to the Irish Revenue Service, meaning in some cases a hefty return.

Although almost everyone will recieve some of their tax back, the real winners are those who have not worked a full year, ie:

  • Travellers that have only worked a few months in Ireland
  • Part timers, Students, Unemployed etc.
  • Agency Temps, and Freelancers

Basically, if you have not worked a full year at a single employer you should receive a hefty return. My girlfriend and I worked for only 6 months in Ireland last year and we both have just recieved our cheques; she received almost 630 euros and I received a hefty tax return of 1360 euros!! and all the time it took was a simple email and a short wait while the Revenue Office calculated how much tax we had overpayed.

Getting your Tax Back

First find out which Office is associated with your PPS number by using the Revenue Locater Service

Then send a simple email to the Tax office, here is an example:


Can you please check my taxes for the year of 2006 and send me a balancing statement. My PPS number is xxxxxxxxxx. Please note that I have changed my address, if this request needs to be sent to another department please let me know.

Thank you.

Your Name
Your Address
Your Telephone Number
Your eMail address

(this is exactly the text I sent them, with details removed of course)

If you have never submitted a tax return before, just change to year to a number of years, my first tax return I submitted was for the years 2004-2005 (which netted me a return of over 600 euros)

Usually within about 3-4 weeks the revenue service will respond with a standard email:

Hi xxxxxx

Your address has been updated as requested and a balancing statement for the year ended 31/12/06 has been issued at todays date and should be with you shortly.


Fingal Paye Customer Service

And then all you have to do is wait for the cheque!

I had my cheque sent to a friends address in Ireland who forwarded it on to me, but I don't think they would have any problems sending it to a foreign address if you have moved back to your home country.

Good luck, and heres to a Windfall thanks to the Irish Tax Service!

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