Make Money From Fellow Uni Students

Are you currently enrolled in University, but also looking for ways to make extra money? There are many untapped business opportunities available to you, but some are going to be much easier than others. One such money making business that you may consider involves typing the class notes belonging to good students for a small fee, then turning around and selling those well-written notes to students who have missed classes or who are having trouble taking their own notes for another small fee (with the students permission to sell them of course and some commission for them!).

You will find that there are many people who will gladly pay you to type their notes because they simply do not have the time to do the organizing themselves. On the other hand, you will also find many students who will gladly pay you a large amount to have their notes written for them, because for some reason or another they simply do not have the note-taking ability that they need.

Without well-taken class notes, many students simply cannot do the studying that they need to pass exams, which means that students who have missed classes or lectures or who simply did not take notes will suddenly be in a rush just before an exam to acquire the notes they need for a few quick cram sessions. This is where you come in, because you can sell many copies of the same sets of typed notes to many students all over campus, The most difficult part of making this business work is simply typing the notes, so this business venture may be best for quick typists, or for people who have access to typed notes already.

If you are quick at typing, you can gather notes from one or two students from each course, then you can type those notes up and sell them to students in each of the courses. If you do no have adequate typing skills, you may be able to find a student who is willing to do the typing in exchange for free notes, or for a small amount of compensation. A student who is poor at taking notes or who has missed a lot of classes due to injury or illness will likely be more than willing to purchase notes from all of their courses, allowing them to catch up.

You can easily take this venture campus-wide, becoming a broker for class notes for many different courses and subjects. The word will likely spread like wildfire once students realize how useful your service is, especially if your prices are low. Since there is very little cost involved in this business venture, you will find yourself reaping a large amount of profits with little effort. All it takes is putting in the extra effort to gather as many notes as you can, adding to your catalogue of notes as you go. This is a service that will benefit both you and all of the students who utilize the notes you sell.

author: Steve J Carter

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