Make Money Online: Use the Creative Side of Your Brain

You will not get rich, but when done correctly and consistently, you can make money online. Better yet, you can do it without getting swindled or scammed. Use the creative side of your brain and base your efforts on your skills, abilities and talents. Stay away from offers of a quick buck or riches beyond your wildest expectations and this should not be difficult at all. Wealth does not come overnight. It takes time, work and practical understanding before reaching that point. Here are three ways to make money online that employ existing skills.

First: The Typist

It is easy to succumb to the bait online that offer riches by working from home. The offers that target typing skills are the ones you will see most often. However, by tagging this skill differently, the outcome will be different. Using the same skill, you could be a document processor or a transcriptionist. The big plus here is that these two positions pay much better. Finding work online should be just as creative as the rewording of your title. Since you are searching for projects and exploring available options, you are a freelance worker. Your search will require the use of a computer and its browser with a strong dose of patience. You could use keywords such as freelance transcription work or freelance document processing jobs and other such terms that will help you make money online.

Second: The Blogger

Evidence of shrewd con artists operating in this field is rare. This skill allows you to make money online by designing websites that work. Once again, you are an independent freelance worker. It is easy to start up by setting up your own set of blogs. Monetize them with an affiliate program. Be aware that this income is not immediate. Income occurs over a period. It could be years because it results from the advertising on each blog. It seems everyone has heard of certain affiliate programs such as Amazon, Clickbank, PayDotCom and other similar ones. The oldest, most refined of this group is Amazon Associates. Their expansion over the years now gives associates many more options. Again, this earning option is residual income and occurs over time.

Third: Virtual Real Estate Agent

You have undoubtedly heard of flipping physical real estate. It involves buying low, fixing up and selling higher. When this happens online, it involves websites that are for sale. This is VRE flipping and the agent - or broker - is usually an intermediary website that sponsors your site for sale. The websites for sale may be making money online already. They also could be brand new with the builder presenting the site for sale on speculation. Much like a physical business, potential buyers evaluate the earning power of the site. They do this in terms of earnings, traffic density and its history of ownership and method of operation.

In Conclusion

These three methods of making money online have one worker in common: the writer. Without a writer, there is nothing to type. Of course, the writer and the typist could well be the same person. You cannot present a blog without someone to do the writing. No sales transactions occur in the realm of virtual real estate unless there is someone to write the content for the websites. Content is king and the writer reigns supreme.

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