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When it comes to planning a wedding, nothing can be more complicated or stressful if you're not careful. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be. A good wedding planner can make the difference between sailing through your special day or crashing and burning.

You can buy a wedding planner, an elaborate little book with special sections and questions and places for names and dates and numbers. Or, you can make your own. All you need is a five-subject notebook or a three-ring binder, some notebook filler, and dividers.

Each of the five different sections will be for a different aspect of the wedding. The first section should be marked 'Showers and Receptions' and should include details on showers, meetings for planning the wedding, receptions, and any other parties or get-togethers thrown in honor of the wedding. Start a new page for each one, and be sure to include things like where, when, what to bring, who's invited, who's hosting, and (if it's a meeting to discuss the wedding) what issues need to be addressed and what questions need to be answered at the meeting.

The second section is a wedding overview section. This is where you write out the guestlist (put a check by each name when the invitation has been sent out, and you can be sure not to overlook anyone). This is also where you write down things like date, time, location, who will officiate, etc.

This is also where you include information about the reception afterwards. Who is catering? Who is decorating? What kind of foods will there be? One cake or two? Who's doing the cake? Include estimated or real costs wherever possible so that you can have an idea of what the total will be as you go.

Third is a section on the Bride. What color dress does she want? What style? What color flowers? As you think of other relevant questions, jot them down and add the answers to this section.

Fourth is a section on the groom and the attendants. Who are the bridesmaids? Who is the maid of honor? What color are the bridesmaids dresses? How many ushers?

Fifth and finally, the last section should be an Other section. This is a good place to jot down questions as they come to you. It can also be used to write down any information that doesn't fit into the other categories. What music will be played, and when? Where will everyone stay? Who will host the rehearsal dinner?

Keep your wedding planner close by you at all times. When you think of a question, write it down in the Other section. As soon as possible, get the answer and write it in the appropriate place.

By keeping all the details on paper like this, organizing the wedding will be a snap. You'll know what you need, where, and when. And the right organization can make all the difference.

author: Keesa DuPre

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