Men's Underwear: What Do Women Like?

Boxers or briefs? The age-old question has been the subject of many a heated debate and has even surprised a few Presidential candidates. Men certainly know what they like to wear, but what about the women in their lives? What do ladies prefer? Let's take a closer look at men's underwear to see how the styles stack up.


Briefs are the most popular style of underwear for men, but do women feel about them? The answer lies in fit and style. Let's face it, there's nothing inherently sexy about a guy in his tighty whities, but lucky for guys (and women), men aren't restricted to just the plain old white pair anymore. Today, briefs come in different colors, fabrics and styles so there's no excuse for the same old, same old anymore. Low-rise briefs can accent a toned body. Silk briefs add a bit of decadence and mystery. Want to liven things up a bit? Try red for a change. Men, we really do want you to feel comfortable, but you don't have to be dull while doing it.


Are you a greasy, balding European playboy with an orange suntan and a trophy wife who regularly cheats on you with the pool boy? Then the bikini is right for you! If, however, you are a normal guy who wants to impress his equally normal girlfriend then stay away from this style. And please, spread the word to all of your friends. Thank you.


Do you have to ask? No. Just no. That also goes for anything resembling a Speedo. No.


Stylish and comfortable, the boxer is a true classic that makes most ladies swoon. Boxers are that rare style of underwear that look equally great under a business suit as they do under a pair of chinos and come in a variety of fabrics and color options. However, if you are a guy who likes to wear his jeans tight, or you have a lady who likes a more form-fitted look, the boxer may not be the right choice. Still, women do like a good pair of boxers, and they go well with a washboard stomach. Just be sure you keep them neatly pressed and clean. If you put on a pair of wrinkled or stained boxers, you just went from GQ to living in my parent's basement. Choose wisely.

Boxer Briefs

The happiest of hybrids happens when boxers meet briefs. This modern twist on the classic styles is comfortable enough for the boys, but ladies like it too. Combining the best of both worlds, boxer briefs not only feel good, but flatter most body types, which cannot be said of all underwear styles. While not as popular as traditional boxers or briefs, boxer briefs have been gaining fans in both men and women alike, due to their unique look, versatility and comfort.

Not all women are the same and individual preferences vary, so don't be afraid to ask your wife or girlfriend for a little advice the next time you shop for underwear. Even if you've worn the same style for years, a little change can really help to shake things up. As an added bonus, you'll look better too. Especially to the lady in your life.

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