Modes of transportation around Ireland

A Dublin Bus alongside the River Liffey

If you have a car, it is easy to travel and move around Ireland. But for an adventurous and audacious tourist, are there other alternatives aside from visiting Ireland by car? Of course yes. There lots of interesting choices to choose from.


Taking the bus is undeniably the easiest, most convenient, and low-cost way to roam around Ireland. A lost visitor can easily locate familiar places by taking the bus because of its various country stations and friendly bus drivers you ask for help.

You may choose to contact first these bus companies as not all of them are there to serve tourists because tourism is being shifted towards the comfort of the car users since they are the majority.


Railways can be included as one of your options. You may be able to visit the main attractions of the country however the places you can go to is limited. Typically, these railways are directed toward the central point of these major destinations. After that you are all by yourself in looking for other means of transportation for you to be able to get to the desired destination. Generally, you are to ride by the bus. Also, irish railways are not that cheap so if you short on budget, better opt for inexpensive bus travels.

However, if you are bound for a longer trip, travelling by the railways will be worth your money since you are able to relax yourself and take a nap as you reach your target place.


The cheapest mode of transportation in visiting or touring Ireland is by cycling. This s interesting and enjoyable as it can be dangerous especially when you hit the main roads. You are able to save money, save the environment, and even burn off unwanted curves and weight while enjoying the wonderful sights and magnificent views of various tourist attractions. However, be ready to face icy cold winds and changing weather conditions such as the rain and the sun's rays on your face. Always keep in mind also to explore safely and to always be aware of your surroundings.


Another no-cost travelling strategy around Ireland is by walking. This requires, of course, stamina and endurance to finish all of your itineraries without fainting. Walking is only suitable for those who want to enjoy every inch of Ireland and really have a closer look at it. Also plan the paths or routes you would be taking and make sure you know how to contact the local police if something serious comes up.

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