Plan Your Wedding Reception Well

A well-planned wedding reception could be the difference between a stress-free, memorable party, and an overwhelming debt hanging over a couple before they even begin their life together. Consider this, the average wedding today can cost over €30,000. Throw in a Vera Wang wedding dress at €5,000, a three-tiered cake at about €1,800, a five-course meal costing upwards of €150 per person, and were talking about a serious chunk of change. And we haven't even factored in an open bar, appetizers, if we choose to serve them, or party favors for the guests yet! So how can you offer your guests an enjoyable and memorable event without declaring bankruptcy?

Thankfully, the trend for today's wedding receptions has moved from grand, elaborate, and cost-prohibitive affairs to simple, elegant, and affordable celebrations. People are recognizing that bigger isn't always better. Couples are opting to hold their parties in smaller venues with buffet style menus or finger foods to feed their guests. These smaller and more intimate gatherings are replacing the formal, often stuffy receptions of years past.

There are ways to cut the costs associated with the wedding reception while still maintaining the quality, elegant, and fun party you envision for your day. Below are some suggestions for cost-cutting.

  • Create a budget and stick as close to it as you can. Sure some unexpected things are sure to prop up, but try not to go too much over your budget. You will be thankful you didn't later.
  • Location. A church's reception hall or a backyard garden can be just as elegant as what you will find at a pricey resort while costing much less.
  • Buy in season flowers and only what you need. Forego the expense of having out of season, or exotic flowers shipped to you from other locals and keep the amount within reason. Centerpieces can always be split into several small bouquets to be given away.
  • Skip the Filet Mignon. A buffet style menu or finger sandwiches is a perfectly acceptable way to feed your guests and is softer on your wallet too.
  • Buy Your Invitations Online or Make Your Own. Deals are to be found via the World Wide Web. Click your mouse for savings, or make your own invitations.
  • Be Creative with the Cake. Order just the bottom layer for the table and have sheet cakes to serve your guests.
  • Look for Package Deals and Ask for Discounts. Many of the companies involved in the bridal business can offer their customers discounts directly or have referrals for other discounts due to the high volume of customers they generate.
  • Pay For That Videographer. It will be a worthwhile expenditure to ensure that the couple doesn't miss a moment of their glorious day.

Congratulations! You can now find ways to budget for, and save money on the wedding reception you want. You can now relax, and enjoy this most special celebration of your wedding day.

author: Julie Morris

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